It’s time to question the EU’s commitment to peace

The EU released a statement today questioning Israel’s commitment to peace. Now, that’s not particularly unusual since picking on Israel is a European tradition like waffles in Belgium, croissants in Paris, or genocide during the Holocaust. This statement came after similar criticism from the US, who signed a deal with a regime whose stated intention is to destroy Israel, and also the UN, who believes it’s just human nature to kill and stab Israelis.

The EU called Israel’s decision to reclassify land in Judea and Samaria as a ‘land-grab’ although the land in question is not technically owned by anyone – and most certainly not by a Palestinian entity that doesn’t exist. They say that Israel’s decision threatens the ‘peace process.’  Now, perhaps I’ve been in hibernation or had a faulty internet connection that only gives me news from 20 years ago, but I don’t remember any  ‘peace-process’ happening right now anyway?

And so, as usual, we see the EU portraying itself in the role of a peace-seeker, a responsible party, impartial and someone who surely only wants what’s best. And since they still think there’s a ‘peace process’ happening, we can add comedian to that list as well.

But since the EU is so concerned at Israel’s commitment to peace, it’s only fair to question their commitment as well.

When it comes to ‘land grabs,’ the EU has proven itself to be masters at it. A European financial report from last month indicates a massive spike of construction of over 400% in 2015 in comparison to the years of 2012-2014. They have built over 1000 illegal structures in Judea and Samaria in an area known as Area C – an area under full Israeli control.  The structures are illegal, because they are a direct and blatant breach of the Oslo accords, of which the EU is a signatory.  They are also against international law, because they are being built without permits in an area that Israel controls – not them.  When challenged by this, the EU is claiming it’s for ‘humanitarian’ purposes.  And in a further outrage, it is also claiming ‘diplomatic immunity’ against prosecution.

So essentially, the EU is engaging in criminal activity by embezzling EU funds to construct illegal structures in an area of which they have no jurisdiction or rights. They are in a mad rush to build facts on the ground to pre-determine a political outcome that is governed by their ideology rather than facts. Hardly impartial.

The EU is also funding the Palestinian refugee organisation (UNRWA) who openly teaches Palestinian children hatred and incitement towards Israel. In a video that emerged, it showed children being taught that Jews are the wolves and the Arabs must liberate their homes.  They are taught the path of jihad and violence with the courtesy of EU funding.

Adding to their continued hypocrisy, they have also taken to labelling goods from Judea and Samaria, while very deliberately not applying those same standards to any other disputed conflict that is occurring around the world today.

So the EU – in which its Jewish citizens are living in fear under the highest level of anti-Semitism since the 1930s…

The EU – who preaches to Israel about human rights and yet has laws in some of their countries against wearing the burka…

The EU – who brazenly violates international laws…

The EU – who breaks its own international agreements…

The EU – who is funding illegal construction…

The EU – who funds schools that stoke the fires of anti-Semitism…

Somehow this same EU thinks it can stand on a moral pedestal on which it placed itself and dictate to a democratic country that has given up land, expelled its own citizens from their homes, paid and still pays a price every day in blood and tears, somehow it still has the nerve and the temerity to accuse Israel of not being serious about peace.

There is certainly a lack of commitment to peace going on, but that lack of commitment is not by Israel, but by the Palestinian Authority, who just the other day rejected another peace plan by US Vice-President Joe Biden.

But I also seriously question the EU’s commitment to peace, when all its actions have only ever been not about aiding any peace process, but rather forcing a process onto Israel that will endanger its very existence. That is not the act of someone who wants to see a fair and just solution, but rather the actions of someone who wants to see the exact opposite.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.