It’s time to re-evaluate our stand

Let us reconsider another path to this Israel-Argentine sports saga:

Suppose Lionel Messi was a Jew, would any have succeeded in pressuring him against making an appearance in Israel?

If Lorde was a Jewess, would any have had success in making her cancel her Tel-Aviv concert? Or

Have the BDS movement succeeded in making Gal Gadot antagonize the Jews?

Or more recently, did any BDS group advocate against Abrahamovich rellocation to Israel, even though it is known that he is the owner of Chelsea Fc?

Have the BDS succeeded in making Mark Zuckerberg boycott, and divest from Israel’s economy?

Or have they successfully effected any threat against Sheldon Adelson despite his support for the Jewish state?

Of course they haven’t and never will;

thus the question to be asked is Why?

Simply put, ‘because they are Jews!’

They all have a biological rooting to Israel, it is their homeland, and even though they possess the citizenship of other countries, they still retain their moral fidelity and obligation to the state of Israel.

Jews have depended for so long on others to fulfill certain of their needs even though they possess the necessary assets to be self-sufficient.

Why do we look out to see a Messi come play for us; why not we build one out of our little kids.

Why do we look out for a Lorde to sing to us, when we have beautiful daughters with much more captivating voices;
and who’s complaining about sponsors?

When we have both national and international figures and organisations who are ever ready to support our course if we ever desire to take a step towards this direction.

Hasn’t history taught us long enough that depending on others has only led to our downfall and ruin? Or

Have we forgotten how during the Palestinian uprising of the 1920’s, when Jews were been murdered amidst the inactivity of the British forces to stop such massacre, it was the actions of the Jews, who forming themselves into a millitia quelled the carnage.

Or should we talk about the Jewish independence, and how for centuries the cries to re-establish a Jewish state was never realized until Ben Gurion seized the moment and acting appropriately declared Israel’s independence.

While we muse over these acclaimed successes of the BDS, isn’t it absurd to consider that the same group which goes abroad to canvass for a boycott of Israel’s economy; yet still depend on her for electricity in Gaza and other suburbs, the same group which canvasses for the BDS yet still cannot discard the inventions of prominent Jews which they use in their everyday life, and instead of making giant strides in politics and the economy, of which it is impossible for a them, they have now settled for petty cultural and entertainment blackmail; which is a clear show of their sorry state.

It is high time Jews stopped looking out to others for fulfillment, when all the necessaries are here in Israel.

Let us stop making harangues over the actions of others towards us, but instead, lets build our own celebrities, our own sports superstars, our own fashion icons, our own models, and discontinue these acts of lamenting over what we have the potential to change.

Just as Prime minister Netanyahu stated in his address to the AIPAC submit, “Very soon, countries that think to isolate Israel will themselves be isolated.”

It no longer should be a wish, but a reality, that those who choose to boycott Israel, will themselves be boycotted.

About the Author
S Ovwata Onojieruo is a Theologian and Political scientist, with major interest in Political theory, Middle-east politics (especially as it affects the Jewish state), and international relations. He currently works as an High school tutor/debate coach, and can be reached on twitter @OvwataS
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