I’ve lost my mojo

Alas tis true, very little gets a rise out of me anymore. I sit before the computer screen wondering why I am not filled with words to set down. I scan through the Times of Israel desperately looking for a story to comment on and find… nothing. None of it gets more than a fatalistic shrug of my shoulders and a sigh.

Never before have I had to even scan through the news to find something to be annoyed about before. That’s when it hit me. I’ve lost my Mojo. I no longer feel the crucial rage felt by all bloggers looking to write something hard hitting. Or for that matter, anything at all.

For me blogging’s all about righteous indignation. You know what I mean, the old “How dare he say…” or a little bit of “How on earth could that be allowed to happen”. But now I got zero man, nothing at all!

It’s not that I don’t care so much as the fact that everything feels old, like it’s all come and gone so many times already. Utterly banal. A bit of boycotting here a bit of shooting there, even some dying over in the North.

In Jerusalem in snowed, in Tel Aviv it rained and in my apartment I lost my mojo.

I went to see the doctor about it but he refused to prescribe me with any writagra so I had to buy online but all I got in the post was a box pencils and they were not sharp. Then David Horovitz interviewed Prince Hertzog and I thought perhaps the time to write something ANYTHING but alas, there was simply nothing there. Except a guy shooting himself in the foot… twice.

The life force of the blogger, the heart that pumps the blood of ferocity through the fingers that type the angry words that make up a blog post has departed. My blogging Mojo has left me. It has departed for a place very nearby where it can wave at me and sit there with a big smile on it’s face, a constant reminder of its departure.

Without being righteously angry I find myself tepidly scanning through the stories of the day with a scowl. Nothing is surprising. I was halfway through a nice little piece regarding an open letter from Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in London. It’s about Saudi Arabia openly defying the West and announcing to the whole world that they are funding and arming Syrian rebels. In defiance of Obama noch.

I looked at the letter again and just thought “who cares” and deleted my half written piece. Yes my Mojo is well and truly zapped. When a blogger can’t get angry what good is he? What can he do?

Well I guess the only thing left is to write a post about nothing at all, isn’t it?

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada