J & D Communities Looking for Growth

The communities in the Judea and Samaria Area are not just a political issue for consideration by those not living in them but areas with settlers building for their future as long as the Israeli government of the day backs them. Political and overall economic aid is sufficient. But it it not enough, despite efforts of self-reliance and localised production and networking.

As it were Israel has two economies. The economy of Israel-proper and eastwards one separate but linked in Judea and Samaria as well. Again, yes internal and communitarian effort is growing, just as Israel’s economy is growing. But it is not enough at this point. The small sector being overall the biggest, roughly 80% +/- of the economy there. The short and long-term concern in economic development is more focused effort to counter the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) campaign and enhancement of the small-business sector to facilitate the families and communities there for more independence and better life.

One pattern that cannot be ignored is that companies based in Israel-proper are the chief beneficiaries of the small-business sector and production there with only a portion sent back to owners and workers in Judea and Samaria. Their desire for a fairer balance of the benefits is legitimate and more elaborate efforts are required as is sometimes floated like a ‘Chamber of Commerce’ specific to the area, local councils expanding their support but in a new campaign unto itself to maximize the benefits and correspondingly shield honest businesses and people from the Palestinian-led BDS campaign.

Remember it is both a propaganda effort and a economic warfare campaign by them, denouncing it is not enough. Shielding the people that need attention and help is what ought to be the chief concern. The economy requires a more focused attention and short-term commitment by Knesset members with only vague interest in the issue for votes or policy stunts will not suffice given the need for bigger and sustained growth with more direct revenue returns for the small businesses operating.

For those that want to contribute as individuals or find out more go to Knesset members with political backbone need to jump and take the matter more seriously. Channeling the benefits directly to the people is a priority and less talk about ‘concern’. It’s a much bigger issue than that.

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Rhoderick Gates is a freelance journalist interested in politics and world affairs.
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