Javad Zarif’s Nordic trips in shambles …

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According to verified news and reports from different outlets, The “Chief Apologist” of the Islamic regime’s recent trips ended in abject failure: Once again Ali Khamenei and Ghasem Suleimani’s globetrotting underling failed to spread fear in Nordic countries.

His visit was met with heavy protests by Iranian opposition groups in Sweden.

He tried to diminish the importance of the United States and by so doing He pointed up Hassan Rouhani and IRGC’s threats in the Middle East, a region which He blatantly called a “Pandora’s box,” through his manners, and belligerence attitude Zarif proved his diplomatic ineptitude and weakness.

In case of Islamic regime’s gross human rights violations, in addressing the issue of Dr. Ahmad Reza Jalali, the Iranian-Swedish medical doctor and researcher who is in solitary confinement in Iran, he said : Dr. Jalai faces a heavy sentence, but we try to delay his execution.

His statements contradict his assertions that the judiciary system is independent in Iran, the titular foreign envoy and his boss Hassan Rouhani claim that the government has no clout over Iran’s judiciary.

Another point to consider is that Zarif’s trip to Sweden puts him on the level with the Palestinian terrorists, they are also banned from travelling to the United states but freely travel to Europe.

Out of sheer weakness, and facing an impossible situation Zarif almost begged the Swedish officials to support the regime with medical equipment and food, as far as the Swedish government can’t stand up against the U.S.

With morally obtuse and ignorant Margot Wallstrom as Zarif’s host and counterpart, He was the loser nonetheless; What would happen to him if He had faced John Bolton or Mike Pompeo?

Based on expert opinions regarding Margot Wallstrom, She can’t run a hamburger joint,

Under pressure from Swedish political parties and in order to justify her meeting with Zarif, She said that He was not officially invited by the Swedish foreign ministry .

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This shameful trip resembles Bashar Asad’s trip to Tehran with Zarif not knowing … to his chagrin!!!

Obviously the inveterate liar Javad Zarif was the winner of this meeting and the losers were the Swedish governments officials, chief among them the feminist social democrats, Zarif’s trip highlights the fact that the mass murdering terrorist regimes are not alone and there are countries that recognize and roll out the red carpet for them.

Since Margot Wallstrom is very ahistorical, she is not aware that during Anthony Eden’s meetings with Hitler in World War II, Anthony Eden tried hard to appease Adolf Hitler, He insisted on talks and concessions and opposed sanctions and political pressure which culminated in utter disaster.

Margot Wallstrom knowingly or not has chosen the same disastrous path towards the Islamic regime.

In this trip Islamic regime’s flunkies even sought help from the former imperial Iran’s embassy’s attache in Stockholm, now a regime’s friend and a university professor which was asinine and turned into a fiasco.The Islamic regime squanders billions of dollars in lobbying in universities and mosques and failure is what they usually gain.

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.