Je ne suis pas Charlie. Je suis Juif.

Don’t you people get the message? The attack on the French journal “Charlie Hebdo” has absolutely nothing to do with the freedom of the press or the cartoons of Mohammed. It has everything to do with the worldwide war being waged against humanity and the first victims are not cartoonists who draw pictures of Islam’s founder with bombs in his turban or mounting a donkey. The primary victims of this savagery are the Jews of Europe.

Oh, I can hear you now saying that the killings at the newspaper have nothing to do with Jews-then why is it that as soon as the barbarians were shot dead in the printing plant that another barbarian entered a KOSHER supermarket and killed Jews shopping for Shabbat? Why didn’t he just kill any other Frenchmen on the street? Because, in my view, the attack on the newspaper was a ruse, a subterfuge to mask the actual intention of these Islamist thugs-to murder Jews in Europe.

Why in Europe? Because they know that Israel is too hard a target and they know that Israel will respond with force to any assault. With the Moslem invasion (yes, it is not free immigration, it is a purposeful immigration of criminals and thugs)  of Western Europe,. the strategy of the Islamists becomes crystal clear-to dominate that continent and make it an Islamic fiefdom. And the most readily available target are the Jewish minorities in their home countries..

Because if the Islamists can create the imagery that they only want the Jews dead,  the rest of the Europeans can conveniently turn the other way and say, “Well, it’s a Jewish problem, Not one of ours.” And that is the Islamist maskirovka-the Moslem deception. It is Islamic taqqiya in motion.

First the Jews, than the rest of Europe-“Today Poland. tomorrow the world!’ as it was stated in 1939. It always starts with the Jews-the proverbial canary in the coal mine, but it never ends with the Jews. It started with our people in Germany in the 1930s and ended up with 60 million dead in Europe and the continent laid waste. Yes, the primary target are the Jews, but the end game is the Islamist conquest of Europe.

So, what do we do about it? We stop seeing these assaults on the free press as the main event and recognize it for the subterfuge it is. We only have to point to the murder of Jews in Brussels and Paris, the massive demonstrations in the streets of Denmark and Sweden for Jews to be gassed and the revolting sight of swastikas on synagogue doors and on the headstones of our ancestors in the cemeteries that bear the Star of David.

Anti-Semitism knows no citizenship, no ethnicity, no borders and no laws. Europe floats on a sea of Jewish blood that has been rising again with a vengeance. It matters not if its tributaries are fed by a rabid Euro-nationalist or a Moslem fanatic on the streets of any city in Europe-the blood is still Jewish.  Today, the fingers on the trigger hold a Koran, not Mein Kampf. But Europe is still a charnel house for the people of Israel.

As we, in Israel, rescued the Jews of Ethiopia and brought home a million of our brothers and sisters from a dying Soviet Union, we must now open our doors for the Jews of France. Just as the first of our people to escape the Nazi claws  fled home from Germany and central Europe in the 1930s, we must re-invigorate and warn our fellow Jews to leave France, and most of Europe and come home to Israel. For if there was ever a raison d’etre for a Jewish state, this passed week in Paris, makes that perfectly clear.

This isn’t running away, it is not an act of cowardice in the face of the enemy, it is a return home. That is why I say that “I am not Charlie, I am a Jew,” and they are my people, my family and they need to come home. My door is open, they have but to enter.

Europe is dying a slow, painful death and. like a coal mine filling with deadly gas, I do not want the Jewish canaries sent inside in a cage only to die to save the others. Time for these Jewish “canaries” to fly home and build their nests.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.