Clifford Rieders

Jeff Goebbels is Back

Joseph Goebbels was the notorious minister of propaganda to Adolf Hitler. He was known for the, “big lie”. Goebbels used the new medium of cinematography very effectively to create facts and history where none existed. Goebbels pushed the agenda that certain people, the so-called non-Aryan Jews, were demons who, by instinct and training, would destroy the white Germanic race. It is a somewhat odd paradox, that today antisemites claim that Jews are as evil as other white colonialists and oppressors. To Hitler’s propaganda, the Jews were not white; and to modern antisemites, they are too white.

In reading the propaganda concerning Israel’s response to the Jihadist terrorist attacks on October 7th, it appears that Joseph Goebbels is back in business. The big lie is propagated by the Islamic fundamentalists, with some people deliriously ready to drink the Kool-Aid.

There are those who have criticized Joe Biden, claiming that, “thousands upon thousands of Palestinians have been murdered”. Palestinians have indeed died, because they support and contribute to a corrupt, vile government that is based upon the most notorious Jihadist principles. Where are the Palestinians rising up against their leaders, just as the Italians on Mussolini, the fascist, in World War II?  Where are the tens of thousands and millions of Gaza residents reporting the whereabouts of their heinous leaders and rising up against their government?

The only genocide that is taking place against people living in Gaza today is by their own government and those generously supporting their government, such as Iran.

The “cease fire” mantra is an opportunity to provide the terrorists time to rebuild their arsenal and perpetrate rape, sodomy, burning, gutting and torturing their captives.

Cease fire is another excuse for empowering the war criminals who rule Gaza.  They must be brought to justice promptly.  Unfortunately, the leaders of Gaza have utilized their own children and women effectively, while taking hostage innocent babies, women, children and men who lived in the farming communities of southern Israel.  The terrorists get it both ways.  When their own people are killed by their bad behavior, they beg for a cease-fire and cry foul.  Many people of the world, strangely, believe them.  At the same time, the terrorists hold innocent Israelis for ransom, while the world, including some Israelis, are willing to do anything to reward the Jihadists in return for the hostages.

Nobody has a right to bomb hospitals full of victims, and thankfully Israel does not do that.  We now know that hospitals, playgrounds, schools, and homes sit atop terrorist enclaves, with hundreds of miles of tunnels beneath Gaza, stocked with food, fuel, and armaments of every variety.  The terrorists carry their soldiers in ambulances and commit war crimes as though it is part of ordinary day-to-day activities.

The President of the United States has stood up for Israel for the simple reason that it is the victim in a 3,500-year-old tragedy.  Those who claim that Israel has been indiscriminate never mention that when Israel went into a hospital, finding arms, weapons and terror tunnels, not a single shot was fired.  Israel has sacrificed its own soldiers to avoid civilian casualties, notwithstanding that the Gaza terrorists have become experts at shielding the truth.

When Israel turned over Gaza, having liberated it from the Egyptians, many thought that Gaza would become the new Singapore.  It was beautiful and full of Israeli-built greenhouses, capable of supplying produce and flowers throughout Europe.  Instead, with the cooperation of most of the population, Gaza has been turned into a well-armed terrorist enclave, capable of hurling thousands of missiles against innocent Israelis.

No logical and reasonable person could swallow the Goebbels-like propaganda that simply repeats the talking points of those who hate Israel, the Jewish people and Western civilization.

The great Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan is credited with saying: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.”  The misguided or those with venal motives believe that facts are made up to support their propaganda, and are hopeful that the innocent, naïve or bigoted may very well believe them.

About the Author
Cliff Rieders is a Board Certified Trial Advocate in Williamsport, is Past President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and a past member of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority.