Jerusalem snow still digging out

The sun is shining, so once again it is warmer outside than in our apartment without power. It has been almost a week without full electricity.

The Knesset is supposed to be meeting now to discuss the government’s response to the snow storm that turned into a modern siege of Jerusalem.

As the snow and ice are slowly melting, they must be the same temperature as our water coming out of the tap.

You have seen plenty about the winter weather that has struck Jerusalem, Israel, however, I was out  last Friday morning when the weather cleared briefly and would like to add a suggestion for the Knesset clean-up committee.

As I walked to Gan Sacher, three Jerusalem ‘snowplows’ passed by.

image Jerusalem snow, photo snow Israel, picture snow clean up Jerusalem
Jerusalem snow plow photo credit; Sharon Altshul

1. No matter how big a piece of equipment, having the shovel up on a cleared road does not do a lot of good.

image Jerusalem snow, picture Jerusalem snow photo, picture snow clean up
Jerusalem snow plow photo credit: Sharon Altshul

2. Going over the same cleared road with shovel full of snow may look like clean up work, but also does not do much..

image Israel snow, cleanup photo Jerusalem snow, picture Israel snow
Jerusalem snow plow photo credit: Sharon Altshul

3. Finally one guy got it right and put his shovel down and pushed some of that gook out of the way.

Were the city’s efforts on Friday with snow plows or earth-moving equipment?

It did not really matter, it snowed again, and the roads had to be cleared again.

Jerusalem snow image, Israel snow photo, picture in Jerusalem snow
Jerusalem in snow photo credit: Sharon Altshul

On Sunday, on our side street, people took to the streets themselves with their shovels to dig out cars and clean the road.

Too bad they did not use salt or pickle juice, it was still icy today and will just refreeze tonight.

image Jerusalem snow, picture Israel snow, photo Jerusalem snow cleanup
Jerusalem residents in snow photo credit: Sharon Altshul

No matter the fallen trees, snow and ice, it’s time to get out of the house and warm up.

Some Jerusalem neighborhoods will be digging out from this storm for quite some time. But, celebration time the electric company workers are here!


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