Jewish American princesses — where have they gone?

What a week for Jewish women making headlines!

From going undercover at the Asifa, to Chassidic Women not being under covers and stories in Israel of Women at the Wall, Jewish women have been hot news around the world.

While these topics have been flying on the net, Yom Yerushalayim went under the radar, even though thousands of people were involved.

"picture women dancing", "photo Jerusalem Day", "image dancing"

Where were the complaints about the Jerusalem Day celebrations?

"picture Jerusalem Day"

Women were segregated to their own section of the street.

"picture Jerusalem Day"

Boys were the featured singers and women were not singing.

"picture Jerusalem Day"

Ok…the guys section was crowded and smelled bad after two hours of wild dancing, but that was not the reason it was female-free.

"picture double bus"

What kept the girls and guys apart better then this Egged double bus?

"picture Jerusalem Day"

It was those girls in the safety vests who really took their job seriously.

"picture Jerusalem Day"

They kept order by blocking guys on King George Street

"picture Kotel plaza"

and at the Kotel Plaza… no one was going to get past them.

"picture security"

They stood their ground, only a couple of Israeli soldiers made it through.

Go, girls go..hold that line.

"picture security Kotel"

The guys, well they just did not have the same stance and attitude..

A new generation of Jewish women is on the rise.   Forget those old stereotypes of the Jewish American Princess. In Israel, May 23, 2012     200 women swam across the Kinneret to raise money for charity in a

"picture Swim for Sadna"

  program called Swim 4 Sadna.

 Go, new girls, go!

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