Jewish Blood Is Not Cheap

My people are under attack. Again.

This past weekend, Arab terrorists launched hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rockets against Israeli civilians – ending up murdering 4 and injuring many more. And who can even begin to understand the trauma that people must be going through. The children too young to understand that people want to murder them. The parents, feeling helpless as rockets of death rain down on them.

And the Iron Dome, as amazing as an invention it is, cannot guarantee complete protection.

And how can you even measure the fear? Many Israelis may be used to it – but that doesn’t make it bearable either.

Most of the world, as is their usual way, will largely ignore these terrorist activities by Hamas – only getting involved when Israel responds. Only then will you hear the inevitable ‘calls for calm by all sides.’

But there is no equivalence here and it’s insulting to even suggest there is. On the one side you have an entity that is evil to its very core – whose mission is the complete destruction of another people. A terror group who happily sacrifice not only their own future, but their children’s future – all to destroy the Jewish people.

And on the other side, you have an ancient country whose goals are so simple – to live in peace in their own land. A small people in a small country who have done more for the betterment of the entire world than all the Arab world combined.

I know Israelis are tough – damn tough – maybe the toughest people in the world, but under that rugged exterior is a heart so soft and a sensitivity to other peoples’ pain that even though they can destroy Hamas, they choose to hold back, because of their concern for innocent civilians.

But these attacks against them are crimes against humanity – crimes that can not be unanswered and cannot be ignored. All those in the world who claim to support human rights should be at the front and centre supporting Israel right now.

Sadly there are still organisations like IfNotNow who claim they are Jewish but actually support this very terrorism. They mourn terrorists while ignoring the people they murder. They fail to even begin to understand that an attack on Jews in Israel is an attack on all Jews world wide.

An attack on Jews in Sderot or Ashkelon is no different to an attack on Jews in Tel Aviv or Efrat or any other Jewish community in the world, for if those attacks go unanswered and the leaders of the terror groups fear no reprisal, then what is the point of Jewish sovereignty?

By some miracle, we are living in a time where we have a Jewish country that has the means to defend Jews not only in Israel but around the world. The days when we were a people who no one would protect have ended.

And even if another meaningless ceasefire is reached, we all know that it is only temporary because just because you may not be able to destroy all terrorists, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to negotiate with them either.

In the end, whatever Israel does, they will be condemned, so they might as well be condemned for the right reasons – and that is for standing up for their people against evil entities who want to wipe them out.

The enemies of Israel must know that should they attack the Jewish people again, as they have in the past and as they will in the future, the consequences will be extreme. Very extreme.

For Jewish blood is not cheap.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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