Nina B. Mogilnik

Jewish Mazal

Remind me again, those of you who trumpeted the great benefits to the Jewish people of having Donald Trump and his Jewish family members in the White House, why I should feel so darn lucky.  Is it because we have a POTUS who declared neo-Nazis to be “fine people,” or is it because that same POTUS is making sure that Sheldon Adelson and others like him have even more money to withhold from the U.S. Treasury?  Or is it because, during his first Holocaust Remembrance Day as POTUS, Trump flat-out neglected to mention Jews as victims of the Holocaust?  I’m trying to keep track of all this good luck we’re having.  Is it that his bosom buddy, Vlad Putin, has just unleashed the classic Cossack ploy, blaming Jews–Russian, Ukranian, it really doesn’t matter, as long as they’re Jews–for meddling in the U.S. presidential election?  Or is it our iron-clad confidence that Trump won’t dare call this out, and that his oh-so-Jewishly faithful Orthodox son-in-law will stay mum too, since what’s unleashing the oldest hatred against Jared’s co-religionists when there’s a real estate empire to prop up and a Holocaust-surviving grandmother’s life and legacy to further disgrace?

Remind me again, if you would, why I should be feeling so darn lucky?  I know, I know.  Obama was the greatest enemy the Jewish people and Israel ever had.  Funny though, how his enemy status didn’t coincide with historic spikes in anti-Semitism, and failed to breathe new life into the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  That took a POTUS deemed to be a great friend to the Jewish people–the greatest ever, if Israel’s own indictment-ducking Prime Minister is to be believed.  Gosh darn it, with friends like these, who needs enemies.  Really, who needs ’em?

About the Author
Nina has a long history of working in the non-profit, philanthropic, and government sectors. She has also been an opinion writer for The Jewish Week, and a contributor to The Forward, and to The New Normal, a disabilities-focused blog. However, Nina is most proud of her role as a parent to three unique young adults, and two rescue dogs, whom she co-parents with her wiser, better half. She blogs about that experience now and again at