Jewish women, we need you now to rise to your great destiny

The Talmud’s story of Miriam around Moshe’s birth has helped me understand why.

Miriam foretold that Yocheved, her mother, would have a son who would save the Jews. When Moshe was born the house miraculously filled with light. Amram their father stood up, kissed Miriam on the forehead and said ‘My daughter, your prophecy has been fulfilled’. Later, when Moshe was sent in a basket down the Nile, Amram also stood up. This time though he clapped Miriam on the forehead and said ‘My daughter, where is your prophecy?’.

Miriam however did not falter. She followed the drifting basket. She followed her prophecy to see Moshe safely into Pharoah’s palace, securing their mother surreptitiously to nurse him.

Amram saw facts on the ground. Miriam saw the facts that would transform the ground.

Miriam’s quality permeated the Jewish women. It was they who imparted faith to their husbands. Husbands who were drowning under backbreaking toil and merciless abuse. Encouraging them against all realistic expectations to keep strong in belief of a bright future. In their destiny of redemption.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught us that we are the reincarnation of the generation that left Egypt. It was the righteous women who enabled the redemption then and so it shall be in the redemption that is close at hand.

What great power is within Jewish women that they specifically can enable our redemption?

To explain it better I need to write a bit about you (the Jewish woman), in your greatest moments.

You are Sorah I’mainu, overriding Avrahom about Yishmael, for the sake of the primacy of Yitzchok and Jewish generations.

You are Rivkah, perceiving the spiritual threat of Aisov. Taking risk with bold strategy to secure Yackov’s and the Jewish nation’s spiritual and material birthright.

You are Rochel, choosing to be buried alone to save Jews who were generations away.

You are Leah, weaving prayers to G-d that change outcomes.

You are Tamar, ready to face flames rather than embarrass Yehuda.

You are Chana mother of Shmuel, praying for a son who would be consecrated to G-d.

You are Nitzeves, standing against all for her son in his youth. Her son who would become Dovid HaMelech.

You are Chana mother of 7 son’s. She paid a price for G-d none can fathom. For her merit alone the time of the Jewish woman has arrived.

You are Yehudis and Yael behind enemy lines, braving the tents of men who were kings, fierce soldiers and beasts without mercy. Dispatching them to save our people.

You are Devorah the prophetess, who marched to war without fear.

From all this about you I have understood that the Jewish woman at her zenith is not swayed by the ‘cold hard facts’. She is not moved one iota by the misplaced certitude and fool’s gold of men’s cautiousness and reticence. She is not compromised by modern sensibilities.

She actively radiates uncompromised faith in G-d’s plan for the Jewish people. She is tuned in to the pulse of Divine reality. The knowing of what is, and what will be, according to G-d’s plan. Decisively acting upon it.

At your peak, at your destiny, men follow your lead for they must.

What is the secret of this great strength? From where did all this derive?

This is the power of the sefira of Malchus, the name for the Divine expression G-d utilized to create all life. Malchus contains the mystery of G-d’s power to create all that is. Which really is the mystery of G-d the Creator himself. In this is the secret of redemption. The power within every Jewish woman.

Your people need you now to fully shine with confidence in the Jewish future according to G-d’s plan. We are like Amram who has seen Moshe be put in a basket. We are asking you, Miriam – Jewish woman, where is your prophecy now?

Tell the Jewish people the truth. That we are at the very end of exile. That Moshiach is about to arrive. Do not stop telling us. Tell us without wavering, without diminishing, and we will wake up from our reticence and spiritual comfort zones, from our dream of exile. Tell us in casual conversation, in written work, in artistic expression. On Sunday through Shabbos. In rain, snow or shine. Tell us in the context of Torah and Mitzva, Tzedoka and Tefilla. Tell us about Moshiach and Geula without fatigue or letup. We will believe. Men will awaken and be emboldened to break free of exile mentality.

This is the secret of redemption the Previous Rebbe and Rebbe revealed. When Moshiach and Geula permeate Jewish conversation, study and consciousness, in a context of belief – it will happen.

We need you to reclaim the words Moshiach and Geula from doubt, from controversy, from being tired refrains. From fear and irrelevancy. To provide us a specific vision of victory over this long exile. So that we see Torah and Mitzva not as spiritual refuge but as the doorways to Moshiach and redemption.

Only the great power of the Jewish woman can make Moshiach and Geula vibrant holy household words again.

The Rebbe has told us the world is ready and the Jewish people are ready. He has told us Hashem wants us to ask for and even demand Moshiach and redemption. He has asked us to prepare for redemption and to publicize the topic.

Jewish women, arise to your great destiny. To lead your people out of exile and enable us to greet Moshiach.

About the Author
Eli Soble is a research analyst for an options market making firm. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and five young children.
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