Michael Harvey
Former Congregational Rabbi

Jews Are Too Smart to Vote for Trump

Jews are, first and foremost, scholars.  We have (and have had) the largest libraries in the world.  20% of Nobel Prize winners have been Jews.  We are, stereotypes aside, doctors, lawyers, professors, academics, and scientists.  Modern Judaism is based upon volumes and volumes of legal code and interpretation that are studied every day, picked apart, and interpreted in groups of two or more.  Knowledge, for Jews, is power.  We applaud one another for strong articles, daring scholarship, and scientific breakthroughs.  We are creative, not only in Hollywood, but in many other industries in the world.   The antisemites love to question how we rise to prestige in every country, claiming there must be a global conspiracy because there’s just no way we could be that smart and hard working.  Except we are.

So how, then, could 30% of American Jews be for the re-election of Donald Trump?  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  Trump is not a smart man.  Of course, we wouldn’t know because he has done everything in his power to block his grades from school, his tax returns, and any other proof that he is all that he claims to be.  But we need no proof to see that he is a simple-minded man.  When things are bad, they are “a disaster,” when things are good, they are “tremendous.”  His vocabulary does not exceed the use of those two words.  Newsweek reported in 2018 that after analyzing “30,000 words each president spoke in office, and ranked them on the Flesch-Kincaid grade level scale,” it was shown that President Trump speaks at a 4th grade level.  His speeches are simplistic and repetitive; his tweets are juvenile and full of conspiracy theories and tropes.  Using his charisma, he employs the use of phrases that reach the lowest of the masses, such as ‘radical left’, ‘marxist,’ ‘socialist,’ ‘they hate America.’  His lies are almost laughable in their ability to be easily discredited, such as his repeated lie of making ‘the greatest economy in America in history,’ or that his inauguration was the ‘biggest crowd in history.’  None of these hyperboles are true and are easily disproven.

There is more to say on the topic, but with so  few days until the election, one must simply look at the ‘Jews for Trump’ and say, ‘you’re too smart to support this man.’

About the Author
Rabbi Michael Harvey was ordained by the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR) in 2015, and earned a Master’s degree in Hebrew Letters from Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Boston University. Enrolled at Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership, within the Doctor of Science in Jewish Studies program. Founder of "Teach Me Judaism": educational and animated Jewish lessons on scholarship: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4vNAB0lVE4munW_znGdEtQ
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