Jew, Jewish, Israeli and the Best it’s Ever Been

Iran, Iran, Iran, all the talk is about Iran it seems and why not? They do regularly talk about destroying us (of course a nuke landing on Tel Aviv may well hurt one or two Palestinians) and they are heading towards gaining for themselves the capability to put their words into practise. Now to make things even worse we (Kol h’kovod to the South) are suffering under a barrage of rockets preventing life from continuing with any semblance of safety much less normality.

When we’re not talking about Iran or missiles in the South, we’re usually talking about Hezbollah or those wonderful people in the Western hemisphere who view the global attempt to discredit Israel, generally referred to as Boycott Divestment and Sanctions or BDS, to be the best thing they have ever participated in.

At this time where tales of woe and evil about to be or being perpetrated against us are many I feel that it is worth reminding you that actually, in spite of it all, this is the best it has ever been for Israel and for the Jews.

Sometimes just when we think that things are rough it is worth reflecting on the good stuff.

Just compare our situation today to any other time in the history of Israel or the Jews. We are a strong, proud nation with a country of our own and we have the best army and air force in the world (sorry navy) to protect us from any threat that currently exists or may exist in the future. The only Jews living in ghettos nowadays do so out of choice and our political system is flawed only in that it is too democratic! Look at the existence endured by our people 100 years ago, 50 years ago, even 20 years ago and ask yourself if we are better now than we were then and I think that you will agree with me that even with the Iranian threat and missiles raining down on increasingly large swathes of the population the situation of the Jews over time has continued to get better and better.

No longer are groups of fedayeen┬ábeing armed and trained by Egypt and Jordan to be sent into Israel on a regular basis, no longer do the security forces have to deal with a seemingly endless supply of hostage situations in far flung parts of the world. Every threat that has risen up against us has been slapped back down by a people who simply aren’t interested in being victims any more (that’s us by the way).

So next time you peer at the world through the slits of your bunker (the one at the end of your street or in your head) remember that not only could it be much worse but that the reason it isn’t is not down to luck but down to the fact that the strong, proud race/religion/ethnicity (whatever the hell we Jews are) that you belong to is standing up not sitting down, has the power to be active not merely reactive and is so powerful that every single one of our many enemies looks at us with an anguished mixture of fear and awe in the certain knowledge that the terror they perpetrate against will surely come right back at them in spades.

In short Am Yisrael Chai and that is NOT about to change any time soon!

Oh and one more thing; we have plenty of generals and intelligence chiefs who will soon be politicians as well as many politicians not yet arrested for corruption to do all of the worrying for us. Summer sun and BBQs are soon to arrive and if the worst really should happen and we all fry in a flash of man made lightning do you really want to tell the big man with the long beard (you know who I mean) that all you did with the gift of life that he gave you was worry about it ending?

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is a copywriter and avid blogger, author of Beyond the Green Line the story of fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada in the IDF Paratroopers