Joseph and His Depression Story

Have you ever been in self imprisonment? Joseph the hero in the book of Genesis has. We all remember his story. Of the twelve sons of Jacob, he favored one the most, Joseph. He was the son that had the coat of many colors. He was the son that shared his dreams, so much so that it made his brothers want to kill him! Fast forward sometime later, Joseph sits in the prison of the king of Egypt. What brought him there? Well, he refused intercourse with a powerful woman in the kingdom. Sitting in prison for eleven years would be enough to make anyone go internally insane. Joseph was no ordinary man, he was a son of God. He used his prison sentence to help others. He did not become depressed and that is the most important lesson to be learned here. He rose to become the second in command in Egypt. When we feel depressed, one amazing way to cope is to help another. Reach out your hand and be Joseph. Free yourself from the prison inside of you…Image result for Joseph and his coat

About the Author
Jonah Sanderson is a Los Angeles based Rabbinical student and fervent advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. After the untimely death of his friend in June, Jonah spurred into action creating programs that address how to cope with the biggest epidemic in modern history. In his spare time, he cooks, bakes, and drinks only the best and weirdest craft beer.
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