I can improve your Jewish experience on campus

To many in our community, the letters UJS have far too little meaning.

You, like me, probably look at your campuses and see growing anti-Semitism, you see huge post-graduate unemployment and you see 3 or more years of hard work in a competitive degree.

I’m standing to make those 3 years better, and I know that UJS can be the answer.

We need a UJS that celebrates the best of what being a Jewish student has to offer. An amazing Jewish life full of socials and friends, internship opportunities, standing proud for what we believe in, social action and education on crucial issues; the list is endless. This is what I would strive towards as your UJS President. My mission is simple: to make the Jewish experience on campus as incredible as possible.

I am lucky enough to have had this experience thanks to UJS, but now I want to ensure that every Jewish student has these opportunities, and that every Jewish student can in some way benefit from UJS.

But why am I the person for the job?

Firstly, I have been heavily involved in UJS throughout my three years at university, both in J-Soc and the wider community. I understand UJS and I love UJS, but I’ve also learnt throughout my time how to better UJS, which I have condensed into 3 policies.

I’ve built my policies not to centre around a political agenda or personal ideology, but bearing in mind that each of my ideas have been shaped by and for every Jewish student, no matter how they express their Judaism.

1) Enhancing cross communalism

Inclusivity is a buzzword that seems to be used a lot in Jewish communal organisations, but I want so much more than that. I want to see J-Socs offering a space to all types of Jewish students, such as supporting the introduction of an Inclusivity Officer onto each J-Soc committee, so that we can make real, tangible progress towards enhancing cross-communalism.

2) Networks

Student-led networks would lead the way to bringing together like-minded students and celebrating our strengths. Perhaps you’re a passionate advocate of Orthodox feminism? We’ll provide the space for you to be able to develop your ideas and make them a reality. Or maybe you’re having trouble finding an internship or job? Our networks will enable you to find help in your chosen area. In this way, we can ensure that UJS works for you, the students.

3) Being proud of our identity
Jewish students having their Jewish or Zionist identity defined for them by others is an unacceptable reality on campus. We need a union that enables students to feel proud of their identity and comfortable expressing their ideology both in the Jewish and wider student community.

Over the past week I’ve been travelling the country listening to how UJS can make Jewish students’ lives better.

My UJS would be your UJS. It would be shaped by your needs, your activism and your voice. So my promise to you is to work as hard as I can to make UJS the best that it can be. All I need in order to make that happen is for you to #holtwhaturdoing, and vote.

About the Author
Josh is a the Union of Jewish Students president
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