Brandon Marlon
One of the People

Judah’s Lion Must Not Sleep Tonight

The hopes of the abductees’ families, of the Jewish People, have died with their sons.

Will this be enough to arouse the dormant Lion of Judah, to stir the spirit of Joshua, Gideon, Samson, and Samuel? Will sanity finally prevail among Israel’s leadership? Will the difficult but obvious decision be made to counter terrorism with decisiveness and finality?

Probably not.

A pusillanimous reaction is to be expected from the Israeli government, for this is not the first time brutal terrorism has torn the heart of the nation and lived to slaughter another day. And because the difficult decision will not be taken now, this certainly won’t be the last time terrorism strikes.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, and everyone knows it.

Firstly, the mentality that a concerted war against terrorism would be less than moderate and other than reasonable must change, because it is dead wrong and dangerous. Rather, allowing bloodthirsty gangs to encroach on and violate your borders on a regular basis is what is irrational and excessive. Permitting extremists to endure and thrive is not only extreme, but suicidal. Defeating the terrorists to a man is the only sane, logical, responsible option available to the perpetually afflicted nation.

Let’s face it: Benjamin Netanyahu makes a great Foreign Minister, but when it counts his leadership as Prime Minister is weak-kneed. He should step aside and make room for those who would defend Jews vigorously without hesitation or second-guessing. There is no use in having the region’s most powerful military if its abilities are curtailed despite ceaseless onslaughts from vicious foes on all sides. The IDF should not exist principally to post pics on Facebook.

To all those the world over who would tell Israel that terrorism cannot be defeated militarily, Israel should reply: “Watch and learn.”

Hamas must not “pay a price”; it, and all those just like it, must be eliminated root and branch. Terrorist members, bases, safe havens, tunnels, warehouses, stockpiles, arms, and vehicles must be obliterated in an unrelenting barrage that shocks the Arab world and stuns the globe. In other words, Israel has to get Sri Lankan on Hamas and friends (anyone heard much from the Tamil Tigers lately?).

And when the UN demands how long Israel’s military actions will continue, the IDF should tweet “Till. The. Crickets. Stop. Chirping.”

Anything less would be immoderate and unreasonable.

About the Author
Brandon Marlon is an award-winning Canadian-Israeli author whose writing has appeared in 300+ publications in 32 countries. He is the author of two poetry volumes, Inspirations of Israel: Poetry for a Land and People and Judean Dreams, and two historical reference works, Essentials of Jewish History: Jewish Leadership Across 4,000 Years and its companion volume Essentials of the Land of Israel: A Geographical History.