Michel M.J. Shore

Judgement Day at Rosh Hashanah Has Come

Judgment Day at Rosh Hashanah Has Come


Judgment day at  Rosh Hashanah,

All the evidence is before the Court.

There are no counter arguments voiced.

No objection to irrefutable proof.


Only a plea for mercy is in order.

Every deed examined in open Court.

Each individual is on the docket.

Every thought, word, act, scheme is scrutinized.


All is weighed on the Divine Judgment Scale,

The heaviness of opportunities lost,

Premeditated acts and negligence.

Considered in review by the Divine.


Yet, compassion brings mercy to hold sway.

With plea bargained Judgment that pronounces Life.

(written in memory of my Father, Sigmond Shore, Shimshon ben ha’rav Michael Arie on his Yarzeit, 24th of Elul and in memory of my maternal grandmother, Lusia Herzig, Leah bat Avraham, Yarzeit on 25th of Elul, both passed to their eternal rest in 1967)

About the Author
Michel M.J. Shore is a retired judge of the Federal Court of Canada and recently made a home in Israel. He is the writer of several published books and poetry collections.
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