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‘Hezbollah missiles can now hit anywhere in Israel’

‘Hezbollah missiles can now hit anywhere in Israel’ | The Times of Israel

Well, this is wonderful news, is it not?

Hezbollah has managed to upgrade its missile capabilities and now much more death and destruction can be delivered than was ever possible with previous versions of these weapons.

Of course, Israel has been busy doing much the same thing and its progress in this area must be deemed just as productive and, most likely, somewhat in advance of its neighbours and enemies. Then there are all those impressive arsenals that the US, China and Russia maintain; no slouches there in the development of missile technology and all of its associated paraphernalia.

But might one wonder where so much rapid development in this area is leading us and is there an optimum ceiling past which no further modifications can be made or justified? What will be the ultimate upgrade here and how soon can it be introduced to a world already in possession of far too many such ‘improvements’?

It would be decidedly to everyone’s benefit if the following could represent the final stage of missile perfection.


It costs nothing to manufacture; indeed, no manufacturing process is required.

It has pinpoint accuracy all the way to the target.

It has an exact and predefined area to ‘take out’, the length and breadth of which is known to the precise square metre.

It cannot be intercepted or knocked out of the sky; there is no sky from which to bring it down.

It can be used without conscience or misgivings getting in the way of its employment or dispatch.

It cannot kill or damage anyone or thing.

Yet it will still be feared and like no other before it.

We may have some way to go before missile systems and the security they provide vanishes entirely from our thoughts and deliberations. There again, this ultimate deterrent might easily be just around the corner.

If so, then Hezbollah, Israel and so many other groups and countries may be in need of a junkyard in which to deposit their considerable quantities of what would be outdated and perfectly useless scrap metal.

Now wouldn’t that be something?

Missile Graveyard by AndySerrano

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