Maurice Ross

Just a Little History – the Common Thread

So where were we/are we?
Oh yes. In the middle of a war for the right to live in our own country without maniacs at our door.
On reflection, why do I say the “right to live…”? Do any other nations think they must fight for the right to live? No, they just live. So I am changing my current and future determination.
We are fighting to live in our own country, the right being something that is inalienable.
There is a lovely saying in Israel that the “past is not like it used to be”!
At first hand it is an amusing comment in a country that is so dynamic that things change minute by minute.
But it does have a very serious meaning at a time when revisionists are only too able to promulgate their own slant on history in order to propagandize their own evil cause.
So let me recap a little on history and make one comment to each point:
In 1947 the United Nations approved the partition plan to establish a Jewish state and an Arab state on a piece of land in the Middle East, see
This plan was accepted by the then Jewish leadership but not by the Arabs. If it had been accepted by the Arabs there would now be no war in Gaza.
In 1948, the Jewish leadership declared the independence of the State of Israel in what was the land area allocated to it by the United Nations. This was not accepted by the surrounding Arab nations and the Israeli War of Independence ensued. If the Arabs had accepted the Jewish state there would have been no War of Independence and there would now be no war in Gaza.
Against all the odds, Israel won the War of Independence and its borders were established along lines known as the pre-1967 borders, see map at (
You will see from the map that the Gaza strip was under the jurisdiction of the Egyptians and the West Bank under the jurisdiction of the Jordanians.
Let us now jump all the way to 1967, putting aside the 1956 Sinai Campaign and the various insurgencies into Israel by terrorists (the Fedayeen) to kill its citizens.
In 1967, no less than four major Arab countries declared war against Israel, supported by no less than nine other countries. Israel won what was known as the Six Day War and “occupied” the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. If the Arabs had not declared war, Israel would not have “occupied” the latter and there would now be no war in Gaza.
Since then there have been many further events until we reach today.
I am wondering though if you can see a common thread running through all this?
Maybe I should give you another clue.
In 2000, negotiations took place to establish a Palestinian state. Israel conceded to relinquish 95% of all the “occupied” land and establish borders more or less along the pre-1967 borders. Guess what? This was not agreed by the Arabs. Had it been, there would now be no war in Gaza.
Do you now see the common thread?
That’s right you got it. There would now be no war in Gaza if the Arabs had agreed the Partition Plan of 1947, had accepted the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, had not declared war in 1967 and had accepted the outcome of negotiations in 2000.
These are the facts. Use them. Do not be less knowledgeable of the facts in the face of those who abuse the facts for their own evil intentions.
Hamas is intent on the destruction of Israel and Hamas is intent on the destruction of the Jewish people. To achieve these aims it will go to any extent, even the death of their own people. Those who support them are anti-Semites, which I have come to believe to be a somewhat sanitized word for Jew haters.
There is of course one other way that the war in Gaza might not be taking place and that is, if the Nazis – they were Jew haters – had been successful. But they were not.
Do you know why?
Because we are ONE PEOPLE, of one mind, one heart and one soul and that is an entity difficult to wipe out. History proves that to be so and no amount of revision will change it.

About the Author
Maurice Ross was born in Ireland in 1955. Made Aliyah in 2007, having lived in London, UK since 1965. Former Jewish community Professional and Educator.