Written hours after a  four day old Jewish infant was buried, killed in an Arab terror attack:

A leading light of Israeli intelligence , Col. Yossi Kuperwasser, has called on the public to demand that the law be enforced against  those who incite murder and who those who pay anyone who murders a Jew. *

That baby killer, according to Palestinian Authority law,  will be awarded for killing a Jew, even an infant**.

The family of the baby killer will showered with cash, according to that same law of the Palestinian Authority

The time has come to hold public forums, throughout Israel and the Diaspora, to galvanize a call for a proper trial for every official of the Palestinian Authority who implements that law.

Mahmud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, must be held accountabile in a  trial for murder, thanks to the orders he gives to pay murderers of Jews and bestow financial gratuities to the families of the killers.

Families whose loved ones have been murdered, only to see the killers honored for their deed, will be called upon to bear witness.

Families of killers who have been awarded for their deeds will be asked to bear witness.

Is there a precendent for a regime that pays someone who commits an act of murder?

Should that regime not be held accountable?

Justice will not be served if anyone take the law into their own hands.

Justice will only be served  in a proper court of law.

There will be justice in Jerusalem.

*Kuperwasser statement:


**Background: The Palestinian Authority Killer Incentive Fund