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Who is Jessica Krug?

She is a 38 year old woman born to Jewish parents in Kansas City, KS who, until she was outed, presented herself as Black and Afro-Caribbean while working as an associate professor at George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Krug’s real background included attendance at “Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy, a nondenominational Jewish school, at least through middle school, and her family belonged to Congregation Ohev Sholom in suburban Prairie Village.” (vosizneiass.com).

Krug’s university faculty page states: “Jessica A. Krug is a historian of politics and cultural practices in Africa and the African Diaspora, with a particular interest in West Central Africa and Black transnational cultural studies.”

Laurel Wamsley of kansaspublicradio.org reports that Krug wrote the following in a July 2019 article for Essence magazine: “I am boricua, just so you know. Boricua, not Puerto Rican, to reflect the name by which the indigenous   people knew the island before Columbus invaded. And just so you know—you, fellow boricua, you, fellow colonized people of all nations, from the South Bronx to San Juan, from Ponce to Palestine: Another world is possible.”

Wamsley adds “At the end of the article, her bio said “Jessica A. Krug is an unrepentant and unreformed child of the hood….

Much of her time, energy, and all of her heart are consumed in the struggle for her community in El Barrio and worldwide, whether against the violence of the state as manifest by police, the encroaching colonialism of gentrification, or around issues of community health and environmental justice.”

Krug has even taken shot at Israel.

“In June, Krug delivered testimony virtually in a New York City Council meeting in which she criticized the New York Police Department as being trained by the Israeli army. Police officers from across the United States have received training in Israel, in an arrangement frequently criticized by pro-Palestinian activists. Organizers of the trainings maintain that they are leadership seminars that do not encourage police brutality or teach physical, on-the-ground tactics.” (vosizneias.com)

Writer Toure F. Reed claims that Krug’s conduct was “a minstrel act, a racial caricature” and  “But while Krug’s persona was certainly offensive, what’s far more offensive is that there is a demand for this kind of performance in some liberal academic circles.” (https://jacobinmag.com/2020/09/jess-la-bombalera-and-the-pathologies-of racialauthenticityfbclid=IwAR355K7Erh46dZU648Fw8iIpb4nV01urVhCo4zj8guFEvCL95OIBkBtfjMw)

How did Krug get away with it for so long?

Krug must have shuddered when Rachael Dolezal, former head of the Spokane, WA NAACP, another non-black woman claiming black ancestry, was exposed in 2015. And then there is Elizabeth Warren (Faxahontus)’s claim of Cherokee descent.

Despite Dolezal and Warren, Krug kept on identifying as a minority woman. She even affected a south Bronx accent as if she was taunting people to discover the truth.

Krug now claims she did it as a result of childhood “trauma”.

What trauma?

Was the brisket burned?

Did the sponge cake fall?

Krug doesn’t say.

It’s more likely that Krug’s fraud had to do with the thrill fooling everyone with it together with the economic and career benefits she received as a result of her claim.

Her problems may be greater than the exposure of her character.

If she applied for loans or jobs claiming under the penalty of perjury, that she was a minority, her behavior may be actionable.

The Jessica Krug story also brings into question the issue of privileges.

Why, nearly 56 years after the federal civil rights act, do we have Affirmative Action and its offspring, Diversity Studies?

The putative goals of equalizing jobs, housing, education have been achieved.

Perhaps Krug’s main achievement will have been the debunking of the implication that minorities need special assistance.

It’s time we admit that Affirmative Action is, in the end, a form of discrimination and denial of equal protection under the law and move on to merit based recognition and advancement and, as President Trump recently proposed, abandon polarizing, divisive anti-American Diversity Studies.

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