Solveiga Kurgonaite

Karma. Police. Everywhere.

There was a bargain last day. And in this balagan. You’ve lost something priceless. Now. You’re just bones and meat. 

It doesn’t matter what are you selling. It’s the opposite. What matters most – who is buying it. The Millennials.

Our generation has seen a lot of natural disasters, political disasters and corporate disasters. We think the world is screwed up. We the Millennials feel personally responsible, and we feel empowered to create change.

More than half of the world’s population is under the age of 30. We are very well connected and networked and value the realness, honesty and authenticity of things in life. Most youngsters want to hear the unvarnished truth. Ethical, green and charity issues are growing importance for this generation. Normativism. If you don’t understand the problem, you’re part of it, so to speak. You can give thousands of bribes, enjoying nepotism and largesses but then one day one millennial thinks that you’re a scum…and your castle collapses. This is your end, my darling.

Reputation is the new currency. For this generation, everything is on the table, there is no limit or taboo, we want inspiring, transparent and innovative leaders with a vision. If you are not true to yourself and you conform to someone else’s rules, you might be seen as dishonest. We appreciate directness. Instead of making image claims in advertising, companies should demonstrate what they stand for by their deeds. It’s about building a community of consumers and establishing a relevant, credible social voice.

I believe that social responsibility has no borders. I believe that ethical behavioral standards are universal, and firms and individuals should seek to uphold them around the world. This means that you can’t go to Japan and act like a saint, and then go to Colombia and be a scum. Normativism. When you take something for granted, whether it’s the love of your life or in business terms, it goes wrong. You get disconnected. Companies should stay connected to their vision and past, and listen, and stay in close contact with consumers and be prepared to adapt the evolution. The minute you stop caring about dreams and ambitions, the minute you’re not interested anymore, you will lose it. Karma. Police. Everywhere. 

There is no place for relativism  today. It belongs to yesterday. Well no, I’m not the one who knows how to live this life. This is for sure. I welcome extraordinary experience, possibly dangerous, possibly stupid. Most of the time. But I have a dream. I dream about creating a start-up. This means I have to stay true to myself; not imitating, not faking. I imagine myself. Sick and tired of wearing pants and having responsibilities. When I’m braless, lawless & barefoot. Most of the time. This self-identification with the brand. So complicated. Karma. Police. Everywhere.

Those who won’t obey the new rules…There is a chance we will meet them practicing the downshifting. We’ll find them planting tomatoes and zucchinis, mucking horses’ droppings in one of the farms, somewhere in Bologna, trying to find something they’ve lost in bargaining one day. Earning to be forgiven. Hoping to recognize themselves in a mirror one day. I might as well be one of them. You never know. We met the enemy and they are us.

About the Author
Economist. Technology Transfer Specialist. Proud Lithuanian. Studying Diplomacy & International Relations. Dreamer. Pioneer. Amitzah.