Keep It Simple

This week’s parsha contains the command of the counting of the omer or the count of days between the holidays of Pesach and Shavuot. Regarding this commandment the Torah writes: “And you shall count for yourselves… complete weeks,” (23:15).

In Hebrew the word the Torah uses for complete is Tamimot (plural of Tam). However, Tamimut according to the Shem Meshmuel and other commentators is often used to describe simple faith in GOD. In other words faith that GOD will take care of whatever situation we find ourselves involved with. While we cannot live on simple faith alone and have to put in effort over the course of our lives often times we forget to relax a little bit and realize that ultimately GOD is always there for us and will get us through whatever the situation maybe.

We often stress ourselves sick about every little thing GOD forbid creating severe levels of anxiety. However, if we are able to take the lesson of this wee’ks parsha and realize that all we need to do is do our best and GOD will help then life will become much easier and we will not have to deal with such anxieties.

May we use the lesson of this week’s parsha to help us properly balance the effort we put into all of our endeavors and having simple faith in GOD.

May Moschiach come soon.

Good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom, Gut Shabbes and Chodesh Tov, Good Chodesh, A Guten Chodesh and for the upcoming week Yom Haatzmaut Sameach, Happy Israel Independence Day un A Freilechein Yom Haatzmaus!

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Gidon Herschander made aliyah in August 2015 and currently lives in Jerusalem Israel. He loves Torah, living in Israel, engaging and posting via social media, and blogging about Aliyah, Life In Israel, Torah, Being young and a variety of other topics
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