Keep your hands off our courts

In an eight-to-one vote by the nine justices in our High Court  (Supreme Court)  the decision was made to disallow Michael Ben Ari from running in the national election in April on the list of the racist party, Otzma Yehudit, the Kahanist anti-Arab party..

In his place, the High Court permitted his Otzma colleague, Itamar Ben Gvir, to run for the elections. This, on the basis of his less vocal racist threats concerning Israel’s Arab citizens. In a vote by our High Court of Justice, eight of our nine Supreme Court Justices declared that Otzma Yehudit candidate, Michael Ben Ari, could not run in the national elections. He was disqualified because of his racist statements, his anti-Arab declarations and his intended hope, if elected to the Knesset, to expel all non-Jews out of Israel.

This was a great victory for justice and democracy. It was a vote against racism and hatred. The Right wing sheds tears while the Left wing claps hands at the High Court’s verdict.

The defeated Ben Ari called the court a “judicial junta which seeks to take over our lives”. Two of our Ministers, Naftali Bennett, Minister of Education and Ayelet Shaked, Minister of Justice, seethed at the High Court’s decision and Shaked vowed, if re-elected to serve again as Minister of Justice, to create a “judicial revolution” by limiting the powers of the High Court and Supreme Court to decide on issues which she believes are the privy of the Knesset only.

They, together with Netanyahu’s Right wing followers, do not realize how the High Court’s decision has saved Michael Ben Ari’s life. I believe strongly that had he been allowed to run for office he would eventually meet the same fate as his idol, Meir Kahane. He could be struck down by an assassin’s bullet.

The court also approved the candidacy of a Jewish communist member of an Arab political party and permitted the Arab Joint List candidates to be on the ballot.

With elections only three  weeks away, the political fires are burning with greater intensity. The polls daily record different numbers for potential victors. Yesterday for the very first time the Likud party overtook the Blue and White party by the polls predicting one Knesset seat more for Likud.

The recent accusation that Gantz’s cellphone was hacked by Iranians is a total fabrication. Many people believe that it was  Binyamin Netanyahu who arranged the falsehood in order to weaken support for Benny Gantz.  It did not work, thankfully.

There is corruption in many ways in politics all over the world but our State of Israel would be the one to win the Nobel Prize for Corruption and Fraud.

I cannot recall such bitterness on the part of an incumbent prime minister. There is nothing that he would refrain from doing just to keep his seat warm. He has gone far astray from the ethics and morality of his famous father, the renowned historian BenZion Netanyahu.

He has ignored the daughter of his first marriage and his grandchildren while instead creating the bitter seed in his eldest son, Yair, whom Turkey’s Erdogan would like to have  his ear pinched.  The Istanbul of today is not the Byzantine Constantinople.  Perhaps Yair Netanyahu was unaware of history and geography . Regrettably he is unaware of too many things.

Most countries have established limits on the terms of elected officials to serve in office. In the United States, a president no matter how loved and popular, cannot serve more than two terms.

We in Israel, for whatever reason, do not have set limits. Therefore, Bibi is running for his fifth term.

My message to Bennett, Shaked and other zealous Right wingers is a very simple one. “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR COURTS”.

Our courts must retain their independence. They are the guardians of the people, not the guardians of political parties and their candidates.

If we are to remain as what is called “democracy”, thanks to the ancient Greeks, our courts must be one hundred percent free to make their decisions without political interference.

Our High Court of Justice/ Supreme Court are the successors to our ancient Sanhedrin. The difference is that our courts are not infested with priests and rabbis interjecting their parochial opinions.

If Israelis take pride in the fairness of our courts to uphold laws, we must stand on the side of the hand-clappers and keep far from the madding crowd of tear-jerkers.

Otzma Yehudit is a well-known racist party, a child born of the sick Kach party of a sick and hateful American rabbi  who was assassinated for his racist and anti-Arab activities.

Our Supreme Court decided wisely and well to keep the terrorist leader, Ben Ari, out of any chance to run for the elections.  All credit to the eight Justices who issued the ruling.

We need to remind the Knesset members and Ministers who sought to keep Ben Ari as a member of the coalition-to-be    ” KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR COURTS”.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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