Keeping up with the Times

‘IDF fires on land mine thieves on Syrian border.’                                        Times of Israel: November 2, 2013.

So, it would very much appear that Israel must be included in the list of those nations still storing anti-personnel and anti-tank mines in their armouries. Yet another PR negative and one likely to outlast the century if no substitute of far less harmful design and purpose can be found.

Retention of these particular weapons may make some sense from a military standpoint but the overall consensus must be one of intense regret, the sad assumption being that investment in such devices, buck for buck, still buys the most deterrent power that’s been around in all of the last 100 years.



The intention then should be to create a rival candidate, a more modern system, one possessed of no actual destructive power whatsoever, inflicting no physical damage, costing zero dollars to manufacture but able, nevertheless, to impose the maximum of restraint on whatever offensive moves the opposition might make.

The answer must be a virtual minefield, one just as devious as the real thing, full of hidden tripwires and concealed triggers but having none of the outlay in manpower, expense, limbs and lives lost that is demanded by conventional examples of the type.

Really, guys, relying on 20th century technology to do combat in a 21st century battleground just demonstrates that no one can be bothered to keep with the times.

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Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .