Keys to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“The whole world is a very narrow bridge. And the most important thing is not to be afraid.”

― Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) has already begun though this might be the initial stage. Most important countries in this industrial revolution are Canada, China, Brazil, Germany, India, Israel, USA and Russia. 4IR is often underestimated or wrongly predicted across the globe. We are yet to get things right. A global body that could steer this revolution peacefully is missing. This is extremely unfortunate for the countries that play an important role in this revolution. Lack of a global steering body causes much uncertainty and a headless future.

Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Climate Neutral Technology and Vegan Food will be the most striking features of 4IR. The future of food is vegan though many might hesitate to accept this fact. Everyone knows that slaughter is cruel and to make things worse meat causes dreadful diseases such as cancer. In 2017 China signed a $300m deal to purchase meat grown in a laboratory in Israel in a deal that could open a lucrative floodgate for vegan food manufacturers into the world’s most populous country. Lab meat is now being considered a much more ethical and healthy option to meat obtained through slaughter. More recently, this month Twitter co-founder announced that they made an investment in Beyond Meat from Los Angeles, California, the maker of plant-based meat substitutes that went public earlier this month. Beyond Meat a setup that creates vegan alternative to meat is now valued at close to $ 1.5 Billion, following the stock’s more than 200% increase since the company’s IPO.

Next comes the industry that helps our planet go climate neutral. This is where most of the multinationals fail to guess where to invest. Jeff Bezos of Amazon invested $700 million in electric vehicle start-up Rivian in February this year. Now this sends alarming signals to the Automotive Industry, either to evolve or fade out. Indian Automotive Giants like Tata and Mahindra are already following the code. They are doing their best to release electric cars that are carbon neutral.  In fact, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), India’s leading manufacturer of utility vehicles and part of the $20.7 billion Mahindra Group, announced its commitment to become a carbon neutral company by 2040. India is fortunate that these Automotive Giants are leading by example for a better future.

Our world needs more greenery, animals and birds along with marine life to help us keep our surroundings in the best possible state. In 2017, China officially Started Construction on the World’s First “Forest City” This city will run on renewables and absorb nearly 10,000 tons of CO2 and 57 tons of pollutants yearly. Things don’t stop there. Able leadership of Xi Jinping will assure that China goes green and other cities follow this model. If fact many are looking at countries like Canada, China, Germany, India, Israel, Russia and USA to innovate the most during 4IR.

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About the Author
Vinay Lohar is an ISMS, IT & Management expert, Adventurer, Photographer and Food Connoisseur He received his Masters of Business Administration from Jodhpur National University. He was an international Information Security and Data Privacy Consultant at Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany for 3 years. He also worked as a Risk Manager for and managed an internal business team for the EU region for Transaction Risk Management. Vinay currently works as a Manager for Information Security and Cyber Security with Siemens, a German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.