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Kidnappings, Killings, Riots — Israel Is To Blame

3 Israeli Teens: Only Crying Acceptable. 1 Arab Teen: Mayhem Vengeance Is “Understandable”

Why does the world force Israel to react like a vanquished victim while sympathizing with Islamist Arabs who react with mayhem?

It’s Jew’s fault: most particularly popular Jewish media and, to a lesser extent, even the Israeli government.

The poor “Palestinian” prisoners of the “occupation.” How can they tolerate such oppression?

Oh the poor “Muslim fighters of 9/11” oppressed by Americans. How can Muslims tolerate such oppression?

Or the poor “Muslim fighters of the 2005 London tube” oppressed by the British. How can Muslims tolerate such oppression?

Or the poor “Muslim fighters of the Paris Metro” oppressed by the French. How can Muslims tolerate such oppression?

Not so pretty when the table is turned, eh?

Are Israel and the Jews the cause of all of these too? Yup, just ask most anyone!

“Palestinian” prior to the 1967 war referred to Jews. Just who is responsible for embracing and echoing “Palestinian” as oppressed Arab Muslim Islamist terrorists? And Yᵊhudah and the Shomron as “occupied territories” and “occupation”?

Jewish and Israeli media who propagate this blatant anti-Jewish / anti-Israel bias!

It’s axiomatic that one cannot expect the world to be more sympathetic to Jews and Israel than Jews and Israel.

Overlooking the now-routine, embedded, anti-Jew or anti-Israel loaded language in discussions, interviews and when answering questions, rather than confronting and correcting the language, accedes the anti-Jew / anti-Israel contextual premise. In other words, the framing of a discussion or question with such loaded language determines the implication regardless of the answer. Acceding a bias-loaded premise is an unrecoverable, fatal — and routine — oversight. Jews and Israel cannot accede the premise of evil Jews and Israel oppressing poor Palestinians driven to desperation and then expect to justify any response, no matter how (otherwise) logical, eloquent or passionate. This loaded language must be a conversation stopper; immediately confronted and fought to the death and not proceeding one nanometer further until it’s resolved to neutral language. It’ a shame that logic isn’t required in universities’ arts (or even most science) programs.

Yet, Jews and Israel repeatedly try to deny incessant allegations of wrongdoing while our media, and to some extent our government, turning a blind eye to embedded, anti-Jewish / anti-Israel loaded language, continues to propagate Jews and Israel as oppressors imprisoning “Palestinians” in “occupied territories” and even “occupied Gaza.”

When 3 Orthodox Israeli teens are kidnapped and murdered by bloodthirsty Islamist terrorists who were raised to hate and lynch Jews (oh, I’m sorry; was I supposed to write simply “atypical Arab extremists, unlike most peace-loving ‘Palestinians,’ innocent youths driven to desperation”?), we are only allowed to cry.

Yet, when, in response to the kidnap and murder of 3 Jewish teens, so far unidentified murderers kidnap and murder an Arab teen, Jews and Israel don’t see that as understandable vengeance despite, in contrast, Jews and Israel joining the rest of the world to justify Arabs doing even worse — unprovoked! (Oh, I forgot. “Palestinians” are always abused in the “occupied territories”, oppressed by the evil Israel and Jews.) Why would anyone expect the world to be less anti-Jew or anti-Israel than Jews and Israel?!?

Instead, our government labels the Arab killing as “despicable,” not at all understandable like when Arabs kill Jews — while Arab Islamist mayhem is “understandable” even while our forces expose themselves to serious injury or lynching trying to be harmless while fecklessly limiting themselves to resisting young Arab Islamist, lynchers-in-training, terrorists hurl potentially deadly concrete blocks and fist-size slingshot-propelled rocks at us — not to mention snipers shooting across our borders regularly, invading our borders to blow up our civilians, women and children in their beds, don’t even mention the rockets being launched even as I write, and as you read, this; or the combination of Islamist Arab terrorist countries gathering ever closer and collaborating to eradicate Jews from our historical and Biblical native home the Middle East predating Islam and all Arab false claims — by millennia.

Virtually every government that limits itself to feckless resistance to violent “peaceful protests” (no one sees that oxymoron???) invites escalation; and is then bewildered when the riot escalates out of control, say into a revolution — or yet another intifada. Violence can only be countered by superior, that implies somewhat disproportionate, strategically and tactically intelligent force, not by opening yet another can of wimp. Is China continually despised as an evil oppressor like Israel and N. Korea because of Tiananmen Square?

So why do we tolerate Jewish and Israeli media, and to some extent our government, propagating these image-setting buzzwords that are false and misleading and irrecoverably undermine all of our efforts?

My observation is that, from religion to politics, Jews adamantly pride themselves in preferring to be wrong rather than change. The term “antisemitism” is typical. The term hides several aspects that are flat wrong and prevent the world from permitting Jews and Israel to progress. Arabs are Semites so they cannot be anti-Semites. The world doesn’t hate Arabs so they cannot be anti-Semitic. But distinguishing hatred of Jews is problematic because Jews refuse to define themselves in any way that is self-consistent.

The anti-Jew world definitely dislikes Jews, not Semites. So, what is it that the world doesn’t like about Jews as contrasted with Semites? The answer is what no “atheist Jew” or “secular Jew” (both oxymorons self-defined by racist arguments dependent on being racially Jews rather than genetically simply Semites) can live with: what the world cannot tolerate is the continuing existence of Judaism, Torah — chosenness, which implies their non-chosenness and perpetually invalidates their displacement religions.

Despite endless evasive argumentation and denials, that anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiments are a religious conflict at their root is inescapable. And that means that this conflict can only be meaningfully and effectively fought, and won, ideologically through religious polemics. The difference this time is that Jews are no longer under Christian or Islamic subjugation.

This is so conspicuous that only Jews could possibly refuse to see it: there are only two worlds who are intrinsically and vitriolically anti-Jew: Christians and Muslims — both religions based entirely on the premise of displacing Judaism / Torah. The outlook toward Jews by peoples of other religions is dictated by economics and world consensus, world pressures; not any intrinsic despising of Jews like the intrinsic displacement of Judaism that drives hatred of Jews in Christianity and Islam.

So, it’s also Jews’ own fault that we refuse to address the root problem: misojudaism (Greek miso: hatred of) because we’d rather placate a fringe of apostate atheists and anti-religious seculars among us than correct our wrongs and begin to remedy our situation.

Jews and Israel need to confront and deal with misojudaism vs “antisemitism” as well as excise misojudaic and anti-Israeli terminology from our lexicons — in our media, our government and, particularly, our Diapora.

“Bloodthirsty Islamist Arab terrorists,” raised to hate and kill Jews more than loving their children,” “lynching Jews” in “Yᵊhudah and the Shomᵊron” is a far cry from “Two ‘Palestinian’ (conveying peaceful Arabs “horribly oppressed by Israel” to the world) extremists (not like the peace-loving, oppressed, typical “innocent civilian” ‘Palestinians’) in the “occupied territories” (oh, the poor imprisoned ‘Palestinians’ oppressed by the horrible Israelis, Jews).

“Innocent civilians” is a particularly insidious misnomer. A population of human shields, enablers, supporters, cheerers and hero-worshippers of bloodthirsty terrorists, all raised on hatred of Jews and to lynch Jews, are not “innocent civilians”; they are terrorists.

The whole new PC of civility in waging war is ludicrous. War is intrinsically not nice or civil; and cannot be made nice or civil. These days, photos abound of “Palestinian” children carrying and training with weapons at “Palestinian” summer military camps where they learn to lynch Jews, how to build IEDs to blow up Jews, and how to plan and carry out terrorist killings of Jews, especially children and babies.

It is neither “peripheral damage” nor killing “innocent civilians” when women and teens, also dying to become martyrs in order to kill Jews, whether carrying rockets or ammo or simply volunteer human shields thereby enabling terrorists, are killed by a strike. UNlike the Islamist Arabs attacking Jews and Israel; we are defending ourselves from these enemy attackers, dying to kill Jews — literally — as they were raised, praised and glorified from birth to be martyrs, who are invading, shooting across and launching missiles across Israel’s borders, attacking Israel, killing civilian Jews; women and children in their beds — and Orthodox teens hitchhiking home from their seminary.

Jewish and Israeli media routinely neglect to exhaustively distinguish between Arabs attacking Jews and Israel, versus Jews defending Jews and Israel.

If we dont, who will?

When sewn into the fabric of language, words become powerful, painting the context of every statement, often hateful and inciting. When I read it in Arab media I understand. It is enemy propaganda. When I read it in world media I understand (as I’ve explained above). When I read it in Jewish and Israeli media I just want to go throw up at people who, though subconsciously, buttheadedly and defiantly insist on continuing forever to be victims — even if it means being victims of our own making.

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Paqid Yirmᵊyahu (Ben-​David), Orthodox Jew & 16th Paqid of the Nᵊtzarim, dedicated to the historical, logical, archeological, scientific interpretations of Tanakh; B.Sc.B.A. (UF) and Master's work in computer science (artificial intelligence and knowledge based networks, UCF); former intelligence analyst (USAF); made aliya with his wife, Karen, (Law of Re­turn '85), served in the IDF (despite being age-exempt) and Israel Police Reserves, belonged to Or­thodox Yemenite syna­gogue 10 yrs in Ra'anana where they live today. In addition to the sole Netzarim website (, his commentaries have been published in magazines and newspapers from the Orlando Sentinel and Toronto Mensa to The Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and Ynet. He has also authored many books available in the Netzarim website or Amazon; including: Who Are The Netzarim?, Atonement Under the Biblical 'New Covenant', The Netzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityahu (NHM), The 1993 Covenant (of Daniel 9.27), Pishtah Kheihah (The Flickering-out Remnant, Yᵊshayahu 42.3) and The Mirrored Sphinxes (revealing Moses' Egyptian Pharaonic secret knowledge & symbolism for prayer and relating to the Divinity).
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