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So an associate was playing ‘Fit Brains’ on her smartphone. Rosetta Stone, the company which distributed Fit Brains, describes it as fun and healthy, with all kinds of benefits to body and mind. It’s a popular app, with over 10 million downloads and a 4.5 rating.

Then she came to this true-false question which she thought was a no-brainer:

Israel was created from the land of Palestinians?

But this is what she got: image1

Huh. The concept of Palestinians as a distinct national entity is a twentieth century development. Ditto the modern political entity of Palestine.

To the extent that 2,000 years ago there were Palestinians living in what is now Israel, those Palestinians were Christian, Muslim (since the seventh century), and yes, Jewish. In fact the “Children of Abraham” have lived in the state currently currently known as Israel ever since.

Come on, Fit Brains! This is not a question of interpretation of fact; it is fact itself!  People tend to take Internet-based knowledge with a naive degree confidence.  It’s just a question on a free app, yes. But Fit Brains is a popular app, distributed by a brand-name company; really you guys should take more care.

App researchers, take care with your words (Avot 1:11)!

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Long-time Jerusalemite tired of influential foreign voices beating down on Israel. Come on you guys -- you know better!
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