Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Kindness and Truth

Jews are by nature kind. They want to help others.

So a lot of Jews became Socialists. “Let’s help everyone to be sustained and happy.”

And they became Democrats. “Let’s give welfare to help the underprivileged.”

And many Jews championed the Palestinian movement. “They should also have their own country and independence.”

Kindness is good when it is directed by truth. Because if truth is missing, then the kindness can be misplaced.

Take a murderer, for example. He announces that he is going to murder someone. Being kind and giving him food and shelter is misguided. It’s helping him to murder.

Torah is true, because it was given to us by G-d, Who is true.

Torah guides and instructs us when to be kind, and when not.

“Sit before G-d always; appoint kindness and truth, they will keep you secure.” (Psalms 61)

Kindness needs truth. Together they can protect, fortify, and build a secure world. Without truth, kindness can devastate.

Socialism seemed like a good idea, until Stalin murdered and oppressed.

A Palestinian State seemed like a noble cause, until Gaza was given to the Palestinians, and Hamas massacred many and threatened Israel’s security.

There are those who now say, that after Hamas is destroyed, we need to give Gaza to the Palestinians again.

The Torah of truth says no. It’s too dangerous, because it will allow the enemy to breach the land.

And Hamas just showed everyone, that the Torah is true.

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