Knives And Lives

It seems that a day does not pass when some crazed terrorist decides to take a razor edges knife or an ax or a meat cleaver and attack an Israeli going about his or her daily business. This scurrilous activity is, unfortunately, not an easy one to stop as the weapons of choice are easily available, legal to obtain, quite concealable and no great training is required to plunge a blade into a human being.

Sure, there have been horrific videos in the media, produced by the so-called “Palestinian Authority” and its spiritual accomplice in sanguinary horror, the barbarians of Hamas.  Somehow these “educational” videos, one entitled “How To Stab A Jew,” never make it onto prime time news anywhere but on the internet, courtesy of MEMRI TV ( or they might appear in extremis, on a television broadcast that doesn’t regularly, with fond alacrity, excoriate Israel for defending itself.

However, it was with great empathy that the news coverage of the terrorist atrocities in France, Mali and Kenya were thoroughly reported on, but somehow, the almost daily assaults on Jews in Israel, seems to have been either forgotten, or more purposely, tossed in the trash heap of the evening news. But I really shouldn’t be amazed, nor even surprised by the paucity of the reportage about Israelis being stabbed and run over by deliberately aimed vehicles and slashing knives because the world has somehow been accepting of Jewish bloodshed-no surprise there………

Sure, we all lit up our tall buildings with the French tricolor-even the city hall of Tel Aviv shone with the bright lights of red, white and blue and thousands of Israelis gathered to hear the French ambassador and sing along the Marseillaise. But where was this ambassador and others when Jews were stabbed in a synagogue last week just a few streets from Kikar Rabin?

The television was replete with the crowds of people from all over the world affirming their solidarity with the French president and  his fighting words. But where were the images pf the Arabs celebrating the deaths of 129 innocent people by passing our candies and cakes while waving the flags of ISIS and shouting “Allahu Akbar?”

The president of the United States has the either temerity or ignorance (maybe both) to claim that the pernicious and savage murder of all these people was done by a cabal that has nothing to do with Islam. I suppose that they must have been perhaps Mormon who shouted “Allahu Akbar” while firing thousands of rounds of automatic rifle fire into the bodies of their victims and then, blew themselves up in the name of Joseph Smith.

The willful and deliberate obfuscation in the description of the fiends who carried out this attack, and others worldwide, by the American president, and the apologists around the world who claim that this terrorist entity has nothing to do with Islam, is a total surrender to political correctness at the very least and incomprehensible cowardice at the very worst.

You need to identify the enemy to defeat him. This is basic. Dr Sebastian Gorka, Ph.D, renowned expert on counter-terrorism and lecturer at the US Naval War College-“We didn’t fight the Third Reich by not identifying it as Nazism, so you cannot fight Islamists without identifying them as Muslims.”

Even David Ben-Gurion, z”l, the late prime minister of Israel declared, “When Hitler said he was going to kill all the Jews of Europe, no one believed him. When Nasser (the late president of Egypt) said he was going to destroy Israel, we believed him.” If there is someone, or some movement that states within its credo, in written form and in the international media, that its aim is to destroy you, your nation and your people, you have to be worse than a blind, crippled fool not to believe him.

So, the clamor for something to be done to halt these bloody assaults on our citizens has brought, in their wake, a new series of laws and proposals. The demolition of the terrorists’ homes has been renewed as policy. Presently the government is discussing the possibility of imprisoning these youthful terrorists to juvenile detention till the age of 14 and then transferring them to regular incarceration. True, there have been calls to use the death penalty that already exists on the books in Israel, but that step has been soundly defeated time after time. Prime Minister Netanyahu will bring a proposal to remove Israeli citizenship from any Israeli who leaves the country to join ISIS or any other terrorist organization and thereby, prevent them from ever entering Israel again.

as ordinary citizens, we must be ever vigilant and be suitably armed. Thousands of Israelis have processed the forms necessary for licensing of a handgun. Stores have run out of their supplies of pepper spray canisters and electric shock batons. Both men and many women have signed up for self defense classes and are ready, willing and able to assist the authorities in the detaining of terrorist suspects at the scenes of these outrages. Indeed, there have been dozens of Israeli citizens who have taken it upon themselves to run down and seize fleeing cutthroats.  All these people, and the security and police personnel deserve our heartfelt thanks.

As long as these heinous stabbings are praised by the “Palestinian” leadership and lionized in speeches and videos. these knifings will not cease. Until the government makes the price for these horrific activities too high for their advocates to pay, there will be no security for anyone in our streets, our shops or even, our synagogues and schools. It is time for the closed steel fist of Israeli justice to come down heavily and smash the institutions that promote this evil.

We mourn our dead in dignity, but we must not grieve for them in silence. We owe them the justice that only our might can provide. We owe their shed blood not to be wiped away and forgotten. Does not our brothers’ blood cry out to us for just retribution?

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.