Kosovo, not Iraq

There has been lots of speculative analysis comparing Syria to Iraq as if Syrian-Americans, or anyone else, is asking for US boots on the ground, seeking any sophisticated US weapons, or begging for US funds. Even the US aid Egypt was receiving Saudi Arabia has committed to replacing. No one is asking anything of America except to stand by humanity until it returns to its senses in 2017.

The comparative analysis, like this one by Robin Wright, who waves the fear card to prevent the US from punishing Assad for his crimes against humanity illustrates badly the outcome of striking Assad. Wright believes that in striking Assad, the US will unleash the evil against it the way it unleashed it during the Reagan air campaign in Lebanon.

For one, millions of Syrians either are fighting the Assad regime or are standing against it and there were none fighting Hezbollah or Iran during the Reagan strike. The Assad regime is hanging by a thread having lost two-thirds of the country and Iran’s economy is unraveling, yet, because of people like Robin Wright, the US is letting its real enemies win just because America is fed the fear Wright is peddling and the one Assad wants us to experience, whether justified or not.

It is unlikely Wright will ever understand how wrong she is because embedded into the wiring of some people is romance for war criminals who can bend rules and laws to their liking. Many, like Wright, also argued against the defeat of Hitler in the late thirties.

Syria is Kosovo, not Iraq, and the opportunity the US is missing in peeling Syria from Iran, against the will of the vilest men in history, will not come knocking twice. If Mr. Clinton could punish criminals like Milosevic while maintaining US prestige and power without even one loss of US life, why does Mr. Obama find it so difficult to replicate?

The vacuum left by the absence of America on the world stage is beginning to unleash evil powers and if the US is unwilling to arm the rebels to defeat Assad or use its powers to defeat evil from self-repeating, the chaos upon us will far outweigh the Syrian air campaign the US is hesitating over.