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Kristallnacht–the night of the broken glass was the “Official” start of the Holocaust. I say “Official” because Jews were already being put into second class citizen status before this.

Here are some numbers about these two days in Germany and Austria:

1. 91 Jews were killed

2.30,000 were arrested and sent to concentration camps

3. 7,000 Jewish owned businesses were destroyed.

4. 1,000 synagogues were destroyed.

(all numbers via the US Holocaust Memorial Museum website)

These numbers don’t adequately state the horror that filled Germany and Austria that night. I cannot imagine the fear. People running around burning down what you worked your whole life for. Burning down where you worshiped. Arresting your son or husband and sending him to a camp. You may see him again, but most likely you will not.

A night of terror and tears.

But something else comes from that night: Strength. Faith. The Nazis failed in their ultimate goal. Jews survived, not only that night, but the Holocaust. Jews thrive and live. That is the most beautiful thing.

I started this blog and thought it would be sad…but while writing it the strength of the human spirit stood out.

Kristallnacht: the night of the broken glass..Judaism: the faith of SURVIVORS.

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