Kushner’s Peace to Prosperity

Rule of law, infrastructure work, jobs etc.

The trained eye sees more than the untrained eye.

An experienced electrician sees right away if someone has touched the electrical wires and cables; the layman might not notice anything.

The trained eye vs the corrupt eye

The experienced electrician might turn a blind eye to safety hazards if he is being told that he will be paid in gold, enabling his employer to maximise their profits, thus the trained eye has become the corrupt eye; “playing the game”, so to speak.

When the corrupt Hamas eye, the evil eye, says about Mosab Hassan Yousef, the nazar eye (Arabic: نظر‎), that he is a “traitor”, we hear the voice of the accuser, the evil eye (Hamas) versus the accused, the nazar eye, the Hamsa hand (Mousab and Suheib).

When Mousab saw with his own eyes how his fellow Muslims were tortured by Hamas, his loyalty to Hamas vaporised instantly; his loyalty changed to humanity, to how you treat your fellow human, the universal truth and common sense. Mousab’s new allegiance cannot be labelled treason, because Mousab didn’t see Israel doing this kind of evil Hamas did.

Mousab’s brother, Suheib Yousef, jumped out of the closet this week, and described in detail the corrupt eye of Hamas. It was important for Suheib to distance himself from his brother Mousab, “Unlike my brother, I never worked for Israel. I never betrayed [Hamas], I was loyal to them.”

Suheib said to Israel’s Channel 12, “Hamas is not working in the interests of the Palestinian people.”

Suheib went on saying, ““The point of the attacks in the West Bank is to kill civilians, not for the aim of resistance, nor Jerusalem; not for liberating Palestinian land, and not even because they hate Jews,” he told the TV channel. “They send out these innocents because they want to export the crisis [from Gaza] to the West Bank.”

Yes, you got it from the horse’s own mouth.

Hamas, the PA and the widespread corruption

I am quoting from the Times of Israel article, reporting about the interview Suheib had with Channel 12.

Yousef said he had also become increasingly angry at the corruption of senior Hamas people living in luxury in Turkey while Gaza suffered.

“Hamas leaders [in Turkey] live in fancy hotels and luxury towers, their kids learn at private schools and they are very well paid by Hamas. They get between four and five thousand dollars a month, they have guards, swimming pools, country clubs,” he said.

“When I lived in Turkey I was shocked by the behaviour of the Hamas members. They ate in the best restaurants, I would see them eating at places where one course cost $200,” he said. “They loved to invite each other out for these meals.”

“They pay $200 for one course for one person and a family in Gaza lives on $100 per month!” he said.

Mousab’s dad, Hassan Yousef, has disowned his son Mousab, because in his opinion, his son has committed treason. Has Suheib also committed treason? But Suheib says he is not a traitor like his brother Mousab? Confused?

Hassan Yousef should really be proud of having raised two boys with such high level of consciousness and true justice. It shows after all that Hassan Yousef did something right with his boys. I wish more parents in Gaza and Ramallah and Nablus are able to infuse same level of awareness in their children. That kind of awareness would certainly change the Middle East.

Frankly speaking, this lack of awareness is the biggest obstacle for implementing Kushner’s “Peace to Prosperity”. Let me elaborate.

The rule of law in the Enlightened world vs Africa and Arabia

We find corruption everywhere in the world. Not just in China, Russia, India, Africa, Arabia or Europe, but also in strong and famous brands in America. The difference is that in America you have a different kind of rule of law, laid down by the ‘Founding Fathers’. America’s ‘Founding Fathers’ were strongly inspired by the French Enlightenment, especially Baron de Montesquieu’s separation of powers system (checks and balances) with independent courts.

The rule of law in Arabia is different from the rule of law in Europe and America, meaning, people and companies can get away with corruption without any consequences as long as they remember to bribe government officials and politicians; the “bribery system” and pseudo rule of law will not touch them. Journalists printing articles about it will be laid off and the newspaper shut down. We see this pattern in several North African Arab Maghreb countries and sub-Saharan African countries.

How sound is freedom of speech and accountability in a country like Jordan? Compare it with Israel, and you start asking yourself: Are we living in the same 21st century?

The point with this article

And now I am getting to the point with this article. Whether corporate private investors or public funds from the EU or Washington are sending aid or proper investment funding, the issue of accountability – the way we understand it in Europe and America – is the very foundation for the rule of financial engagement.

Even when sending plain aid to African and Arab countries (with no return of profit in mind), the EU and Washington want to see transparency and accountability, ensuring the funds went to the right projects and the right needy people, and didn’t go straight into corrupt pockets. When it comes to private investors, Enlightenment style rule of law is a mandatory requirement for financial engagement; hence Kushner’s remark, “…some investors told me they don’t invest in this region, because it is not stable.”

This also explains why African and Arab countries are keen on financial engagements with China, because the leadership in Beijing is more than willing to turn a blind eye to human rights abuse and the lack of Enlightenment style rule of law. But if the loans are not honoured, Beijing will seize hard assets; in Sri Lanka they couldn’t pay back a loan to China, so China has now taken the Hambantota Port for the next 99 years. A kind of annexation?

During the darkest financial hours of Greece, negotiating the bailout package, Germany wanted several Greek islands and ports and other hard Greek assets. After several Greek bailout packages, Tsipras said: “The deal is difficult, but we averted the pursuit to move state assets abroad.”

Can you imagine China annexing Ramallah and Nablus for 100 years, because they could not honour their loans to China? How would the Arab countries react to this? Would they bail out Ramallah or accept China annexing the PA? I think Kushner’s plan is a nicer option.

Chapter one: Enlightenment style rule of law

Without proper Enlightenment style rule of law and transparency and accountability and freedom of speech, you cannot build a society to the standards we want in the Enlightened parts of the world, because most of the funds, aid and investments will be going to pockets not meant to be on the receiving end. This is the reason why lots of infrastructure projects have not even begun in Ramallah, Nablus and Hebron; the real reason is corruption, the true treason.

There are three chapters in the 40-page long Peace to Prosperity. The rule of law and accountability part is in part three, page 30-37 (especially page 34-35). It should really have been chapter one, and not chapter three, because without implementing the rule of law as part one, there will be no meaningful part two or part three.

As long as the European countries and America are wiling to send aid to the corrupt dictatorship in Ramallah and Gaza, the corrupt leadership will not have any incentive to stop its corruption, and the people will continue to suffer.

Frankly speaking, there is only one way the unelected leadership in Ramallah and Gaza can read chapter 3 in Kushner’s Peace to Prosperity, and that is: regime change; the consequences of implementing chapter 3 is democratic elections with proper rule of law, and that means regime change; a changing of the political guard. And that is the reason why the leadership in Ramallah would not even attend the workshop in Bahrain. Are there other logical conclusions to this?

Nation building, the first steps to full rulership

For many years Shimon Peres took nation building steps with the PA, saying, you need to take meaningful steps in the direction of infrastructure nation building if you want to be taken seriously. When Peres together with an American diplomat made a several million US dollar investment for a flower greenhouse plant so that Gaza could export flowers, generating jobs and income, Hamas simply destroyed the flower plant.

When Yair Lapid as finance minster offered the PA to take full control of their own electricity infrastructure, the PA rejected the offer and the responsibility that comes with it. They would rather let Israel run it and pay for it, and then complain that Israel is not willing to send electricity to the PA. First after several years of trying to convince the PA that they must be responsible and run their power grid, they recently made an agreement with Israel. How can the PA demand independent statehood, when not even willing to pay for their own electricity bills? Who can take this seriously?

We have no animosity toward you

Suheib Yousef ends his interview with Channel 12, by saying: “You are people of the Book and we are Muslims and we have no animosity toward you.”

The Hamsa hand symbol.


The article can also be read in this PDF (click here): Kushner’s Peace to Prosperity.


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