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Lacking Solidarity in Judeo-Christian Cultural Realm

It is impossible to truly understand the ongoing hatred in the Middle East conflict as long as one narrows the view to the region, because it is by no means just about the conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine. Information on this topic can be found in statements made by the then chairman of the Arab League Azzam Pasha in September (1) and October (2) 1947 – in the run-up to the UN partition plan, which resulted in violence similar to civil war.

  1. “Nations never concede; they fight… We shall try to defeat you. I am not sure we’ll succeed, but we’ll try. We were able to drive out the Crucaders, but we lost Spain and Persia. It may be that we shall lose Palestine.”
  2. “This war will be distinguished… (It) will be impossible to contain the zealous volunteers arriving from all corners of the world to avenge the martyrdom of the Palestine Arabs, and viewing the war as dignifying every Arab and every Muslim throughout the world …” Reference

Azzam Pasha’s statements show that he recognized the Arab resistance to the Jewish homeland project as part of a historical rivalry between the Islamic world and the Judeo-Christian cultural area. However, it was also clear to him that the uncompromising shift of the rivalry to the military level included the risk of losing Palestine. – Shortly after the newly founded Israel was attacked by 6 Arab countries in May 1948, this risk became reality, as Azzam had feared, because the Jewish settlers were able to assert themselves against superior forces.

Under normal conditions, this clarification of the order of power would have resulted in a stable peace order. But instead, there has been an ongoing questioning of the Jewish homeland project. The reason for this can be identified as the lack of solidarity of forces within the Judeo-Christian cultural realm. While the entire Arab world including the world of Islam stood and still stands behind the Arab residents of Palestine, Israel was not given any substantial solidarity from the countries of Europe and North America. While Israel’s solo victory in 1948 demonstrated the vast superiority of the technically leading, liberal civilization over the predominantly autocratic Islamic world, at that time developments were set in motion that now threaten to turn the actually clear hierarchy upside down.

A final warning that Western nations have been led on a self-destructive course towards the Islamic cultural area came in August 2021, when the American military withdrew from Afghanistan. This happened under humiliating circumstances and with weapons worth over $80 billion “accidentally” falling into the hands of the Taliban. It is noteworthy that the victorious radical Islamists have since viewed themselves as a great power and have circulated the slogan, “After Kabul, next comes Rome.”

Like all previous signs of an undesirable development in the relationship between the two cultures, Western mainstream media did not pass this warning on to citizens. The actual collapse of the international security structure has since paved the way for two wars, both of which have the potential to expand into a world war. Additionally, the tensions between China and Taiwan, the flashpoint in Yemen and the threat of civil wars in Europe and the USA are looming. While the tensions in Europe arise primarily from the migration issue, in the USA (in addition to the harassment that Trump is exposed to), growing anti-Semitism plays the main role, which in turn is related to the 5th Middle East war since October 7, 2023.

Therefore, the fate of free civilization will be decided in the Middle East conflict. Leftists and conservatives are striving for very different ways out of the ongoing dispute over Palestine – but neither of them has a chance of success under the present Western-influenced “moral” atmosphere. Without a thorough course correction, it is almost inevitable that military violence will escalate to the maximum.

The conservative approach is systematic military action against Hamas. The harshness practiced is morally justified by the brutality and absolute unforgiveness of the radical organization, whose original charter from 1988 names the killing of Jews and the annihilation of Israel as goals and rejects negotiations as treason. (The more lenient 2017 paper did not replace the charter as claimed.) However, the Iraq War and the Afghanistan mission have shown that terrorism cannot be ended by military means alone. Without additional measures, eliminated Hamas leaders are replaced by radicalized successors.

The left approach relies on an immediate ceasefire and negotiations. However, the chances of a permanent solution remain minuscule even after almost all of Hamas’ fighting strength has been destroyed. Like that of other Islamists, Hamas’ main strategy is to sacrifice its own people, among other things, by positioning combat posts in schools, clinics, mosques and public infrastructure. They have reason to rely on continued appeasement of the West, which takes in refugees, sends aid, donates and, instead of Hamas, puts Israel under pressure.

The real, fatal obstacle to peace lies in this appeasement, which dates back to the British mandate period (1922-1948). Hamas leaders make no secret of their interest in Palestinian victims, because the greater the collateral destruction of buildings and the greater the number of victims, the more Western media side with the Palestinians. The data provided by the Gaza-Hamas authorities – which are demonstrably inflated for propaganda purposes – are mostly passed on uncritically.

There is no doubt that certain sections and interpretations of Islam promote martyrdom and sacrifice. However, only 75 years of care for Palestinian refugees by the UN sub-organization UNRWA have brought this tendency to full development. One of the influences is anti-Israel and anti-Semitic inflammatory propaganda, which begins in school lessons (or kindergarten), the other is the alienation of residents from self-responsible life provision. While UNRWA care provides only the bare essentials and Hamas intentionally does nothing to improve living conditions, hate propaganda in schools and through Hamas finds fertile ground to cultivate a victim mentality. In this, people feel having been treated unfairly – and falsely blame Israel for their living situation. This mental chaos was caused by influences from the West and must be corrected there, too:

  1. Since it was Hamas that initiated the aggression, it also has the opportunity to end it by ceasing fire with the announcement that it will do so permanently. International appeals that are not made to this address, but to Israel are hypocritical because they prevent the problem from being solved at its root.
  2. Civilians have always suffered the consequences when their governments started or provoked wars. This is all the truer when they are in such close agreement with the actions of the fighters. Recent research shows 57 % of (personally affected) Gazans and 82 % of (not personally involved) West Bank Palestinians supporting Hamas´s October 7 – violent attack (almost all not having had access to the atrocities documentaries and thus denying. Reference  War is terrible for everyone, but it is immoral to mourn the losses of the peace breakers in the same way as those of the attacked.
  3. The one-sided partisanship against Israel by Western media and tens of thousands of organizations, including UN affiliates, that has grown over decades and which is blind to the true history of Palestine, gives rise to a major revision of the tax-exempt status of these supposedly charitable societies. Anyone who claims anti-Semitism as beneficent through the back door of anti-Zionism has learned nothing from history and is damaging universal values.
  4. The Israeli government, together with the other Western governments, should pass a resolution, which is to be addressed to the press, the organizations mentioned and to their main sponsors.
  5. This resolution must clearly set out Israel’s legal position as a basis for the summary findings that…

5.1 Israel’s right to exist is unquestionable and irrevocable for all times.

5.2 the risk of losing Palestine, which was accepted by Azzam Pasha, had already occurred for the Palestinians in 1948.

5.3 this loss was confirmed in three further rebellions in 1956, 1967 and 1973.

5.4 However, the Arab residents of Palestine only became rebellious as a result of a grotesque course of appeasement by Western forces. These were Great Britain until 1948 and since then the UN as well as the aforementioned tax-exempt organizations and part of the media.

5.5 The entire Gaza population and in particular Hamas members and UNRWA teachers must be subjected to measures on a psychological and educational level, comparable to the denazification in post-war Germany.

  1. To protect the Israeli civilian population, an approximately 2 km wide strip along the entire common border should be declared an uninhabited security strip. If there are no further attacks within a certain period of time, the strip can be returned gradually (the principle of long-term reward after a respect-inducing shock punishment had also worked in Sinai to pacify Egypt).
  2. The UN, which has to bear a lot of blame for the messy situation, should ensure security within Gaza and keep militant forces away from political influence. In particular, this administration should be given the task of guiding the residents on a course of self-responsibility in all matters, including: democratic, security, ecological and economic. This requires that performance incentives are developed.
  3. Similar reforms should also begin in Judea and Samaria, but without the UN.
  4. After democratization has failed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, particularly due to the corruption of politicians, advanced democratic procedures for candidate selection must be developed to ensure that only responsible idealists are given access to the political arena – an initiative that is also highly appropriate in the West.
About the Author
Christian Rudolf Hamann was born in October 1949 in Berlin/ Germany. After having finished school in 1968, he studied Geography, Biology and Politics in Hannover and Mainz till 1973 and then worked as a secondary school teacher until his retirement. Since 2013, he lives alternately in Uruguay and Germany. Throughout his life, he has continued to study independently, especially in the fields of history, politics including sociology, economics and psychology. His credo is that democracy is not a finished model, but a living principle that must be improved in a historically never-ending process and strengthened against the grip of uncontrolled power - namely that of money. History presents itself as evolution (as a composite of biological, technical and socio-organisational evolution), while politics represents its current management. Therefore, especially socio-organisational evolution can only be steered back into stable channels and kept there permanently if political management respects the eternally valid rules of evolution. The simplest and most effective way for the necessary course correction is to detect the increasing violations of these principles.
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