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Lapid’s Ego Is No Different Than Netanyahu’s

At the end of this very close 2nd election cycle it has become abundantly apparent that Yair Lapid has an ego that is very similar to that of Netanyahu.

In an election with no margin for error the often-discussed but never-addressed “rotation agreement” may very well spell the difference between victory or defeat for those forces, led by the Blue and White party, who have fought so hard to try to change the direction of our country. What is so hard to understand is why Yair Lapid will not let go of his ambition to become Prime Minister; even as it is jeopardising the prospects for creating a better Israel.

In the 2015 election, when Yesh Atid ran alone, under the leadership of Yair Lapid, the party dropped to 13 mandates. In 2019, Yesh Atid merged with Hosen Israel and Telem when it became obvious that the fledging party led by Benny Gantz had more support that the party that Lapid headed. There was a recognition that only a larger political bloc could successfully take on the Likud.

It was a correct calculation but unfortunately the Blue and White only tied the Likud. The rotation was part of the first arrangement. Supporters claimed that it did not have a negative effect because Blue and White came from nowhere to win 35 Knesset seats. I say that it cost them the first chance to form a coalition government because they really went from 37 mandates to 35 mandates because of the rotation agreement.

Lapid supporters refuse to see the forest for the trees. They refuse to acknowledge that outside of the Dan Region their man is not very popular – and therefore unelectable as a Prime Minister. If people want to dispute this I would point out to the actual election results where Lapid’s supposedly impressive organisational network failed to deliver results in Beersheba, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Netanya, Hadera, and many other population centres.

If the Blue and White really wants to win this election instead of “taking the high road” they need to make a last-minute “dramatic announcement” that they are dropping the “rotation agreement”.  It is still not too late to influence tomorrow’s election,  However, Lapid and his supporters prefer to remain defiant, in denial, and loyal to their man. Too bad that loyalty doesn’t extend to what would be the best for Israel!

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