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Last Thoughts Before the Election

Tomorrow Israel votes; not all Israelis will be able to vote, but at least the ones in the country will be able to. Hopefully the turn out will be high despite the promised good weather, and maybe, just maybe, the country will go forward.

Like most observers one can get an election overdose. The radio, the television, the print media, the internet, the robocalls, the text messages, the billboards, the meetings, the real news, the fake news; it feels like it will never end. But it will, almost mercifully, and then the horse-trading will begin. It goes without saying that some of the smaller parties who manage to cross the electoral threshold and who’s support will be needed to form a coalition government will exact a heavy price for their support.

Whatever the outcome it is to be hoped that when the dust settles the likes of Feiglin, Smotrich & the haredi will not be further empowered. And hopefully the future of our independent Supreme Court, however flawed it may be, will not be jeopardized. And hopefully our members of the coming Knesset will not have been manipulated or otherwise coerced to pass a law granting immunity to a Prime Minister should he indeed be convicted of actions against the State of Israel.

All elections have consequences; some more than others. In spite of her impressive achievements, the fact is that Israel is living in perhaps the most dangerous place in the world at a time of unsettling volatility from friends and foes alike. At this very moment in history the threats we are living under from Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others cannot be ignored. In fact, we have been at war on our Southern Border almost continuously since 2004. It is a fact that the current Netanyahu Government has let the people of Israel down. “Mr Security” has provided anything but. Just ask the people who are living beside the border with Gaza. They don’t lie. Bombing empty buildings is worse than having no policy – it has shown weakness.

Yesterday a rival paper had a story about how the Israeli missile defense system was inadequate to handle missiles shot at the Tel Aviv area. We didn’t need that story to tell us what we already know. We need a better missile defense system. Apparently the corruption from the top and the divisions that have been created within our Israeli society have not, on their own, been enough to affect the majority of voters in a significant way.  Perhaps, in the end, the very real threat to our security will sink into the collective minds of the “undecided” and wavering voters and come Wednesday morning Israel may still experience a new day!

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First came to Israel as a volunteer after the Six Day War. Made Aliyah in 1972, served in the IDF, stayed in Israel for 4 years. Returned again to live permanently in Israel in 2017. Am widely traveled & strong supporter of Zionism. Have an M.A. in International Relations from McGill University.
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