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Laura Loomer, let’s sue Facebook together

Every conservative has stories of discrimination at work, in public or on Social Media.

It has become more and more accepted among the left to accuse anyone supporting Trump of being:

Racist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynist, white supremacist, bigoted, fascist, claustrophobic, agoraphobic, Islamophobic, gender fluid phobic, xenophobic, a Nazi supporter, LITERALLY HITLER and so on.

It matters little to them if you are black, white, Jewish, man or woman.

If you support stronger borders, lower taxes, restrictions on abortions or question the exclusivity of man-made climate change, you are a Nazi supporter and if you only could, you would work for the Gestapo.

Euphemisms are now used to describe the people who dare support Trump.
Alt-right is a popular example.

The term itself is pretty vague and purposely so, this way you can accuse anyone who fails to abide to the ‘progressive’ orthodoxy by it.

One would think that there is some kind of ideology behind it and they would be right, however, the main incentive behind this aspiration to a socialist utopia is, ironically, money.

Yes, big corporations who back people like Jussie Smollett, AOC or Kaepernick do not truly lose sleep over the causes they claim to support.

No, the main motive behind it is the oldest reason in the book: money.

Put it in simple numbers.

Big corporations think that ‘woke’ is mainstream, therefore where the main bulk of their customers are, in consequence they back up any cause that will pander to their main buyers’ sensibilities.

This was made very clear to me no later than today with a video I saw on YouTube.

A guy was talking about the latest James Cameron movie: Alita (based on a Manga), and how some article described the movie as an ‘alt-right’ favorite.

Nothing in the movie is even remotely supporting white supremacism (given that the lead role is a Latino girl), But anyone who opposed Captain Marvel for the way that its lead star, Brie Larson, said that ‘She doesn’t care about the opinion of white men’, urged others online to go see Alita, a film with a female lead who wasn’t busy pushing a man hating agenda in interviews.

And then it hit me.

I knew it before but this was a clear confirmation.

The terms alt-right and white supremacist, were used here to slander a movie that made competition to Captain Marvel.

The whole SJW agenda has been highjacked by billion dollars corporations who use the leftist narrative to shut down anyone threatening their monetary monopoly.

It’s not about the patriarchy or climate change or about open borders.

It’s about using all those issues to show potential buyers that those corporations are ‘woke’ and they should spend their money with them and not with the ‘racists, alt right’ competitors.

Social Media has undergone the same change.

They see the ‘woke’ culture as their main client so they aggressively make rules that favors one side at the detriment of the other.

Let’s not forget that big high-tech corporations like Facebook or Twitter are first and foremost private companies who are here to make money.

Ironic when they push for a socialist agenda, but hey, Bernie Sanders does that while having millions and 3 houses.

The conservative side is partly to blame for the current situation and I do not make such an accusation lightly.

The left has one thing that most of the time the right lacks.

The determination to go all the way.

In life, generally, whoever has the louder voice is heard the best.

It’s time to make understand to the politicians, the academy, the mainstream Media and the giant corporations that conservatives are the mainstream and if they forget that, seriously hurting their financial interests will be a painful reminder.

Which brings us to the subject of this blog.

I’ve read that Laura Loomer intends to sue Facebook for a sum of 3 billion dollars as a reaction to the disgusting way it has terminated her account.

For anyone not knowing Laura Loomer, she is a very pretty Jewish conservative who supports president Trump and is against unrestrained Muslim migration to the west.

Of course, supporting Trump is enough to be branded ‘alt right’ and ‘white supremacist’ even though Laura is a Jewish woman, but since when facts and logic have stood in the way of the left?

I say to the lovely Laura, WAIT, you are not the only one who has been mistreated by Facebook.

I myself have been DOZENS of times in Facebook jail for my support of Trump and opposition to Islam and the insane left.

I have been so much banned for 30 days, that I can count my time in Facebook jail in years. My current profile exists since 2010, it would not be an exaggeration to say that at least 4 years of it have been in Facebook jail.

I’ve seriously considered checking with the Guinness book of records if I can be considered the most banned man on Facebook.

With a little research you can find hundreds of stories like mine.

Any criticism of the ‘religion of peace’ is immediately reported followed by a ban with a message saying that what you wrote “goes against community standards” guidelines which are purposely kept vague.

The real double standard can be seen when Jews and conservatives report post saying things like: “F Trump” or “All Zionists should be killed.”

Usually (and I can witness it from personal experience), you get an answer from Facebook as follows: “The comment you have reported does not go against our community standards”.

The same double standards are also applied on Twitter (I am now on my third profile there), Google, YouTube, etc.…

As I’ve mentioned above the big Techs permit themselves to spit in the face of their conservative customers because they don’t consider them important enough, financially speaking.

Time has come to make them regret this distorted view of reality

Laura Loomer, don’t sue alone.

If you do, you may settle but I doubt this will change anything.

If I sue alone, I doubt it won’t change anything.

No, we must join forces, not only you and me but anyone who has been mistreated by companies like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

You, me, Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Tommy Robinson, and any conservative who wants to join in.

Not just Facebook but every company who has taken on itself to disregard and disrespect the conservative and patriotic side.

I suggest a worldwide alliance of people who stand for western values.

An alliance whose goal would be to bring down the regressive left’ monopoly of Social Media.

Let’s sue those scumbags, hurt their pockets so bad that it will bring their downfall.

So, what if all those companies disappear?

New ones will rise from the ashes and at least, they’ll be forewarned to not push for a political agenda at the expense of the working man.

It’s time liars like Zuckerberg who come with the nerve of saying publicly that their company doesn’t discriminate get their due.

It’s time to unleash an Armageddon on those companies and make them understand we won’t be suckers anymore.

A central demand has to be for CLEAR RULES.

No more some vague ‘community standards’ which is left entirely at the discretion of the censor.

For example, if you decide no nude bodies or wounded children, ok that’s your right as a private company to make the rules.

Anyone violating it can be banned regardless of his support for Trump or not.

But when you say that no attack on a specific group will be accepted and someone saying F Islam is immediately banned while someone saying F Jews is not, you cannot make us believe that you have impartial rules.

No, those companies have adopted identity politics and pander to some while not giving a damn about others.


That won’t fly anymore and time has come to make you guys pay in dollars for your dictatorial tactics and disregard of a significant portion of your clientele.

That is why I call Laura Loomer to join forces with anyone who has been mistreated by those left pandering companies and sue the hell out of them.

About the Author
I was born in France and grew up in Montreal, Canada. I made Aliyah at age 21, out of Zionism and the deep religious feeling that my place is here, in Eretz Yisrael.