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Leadership talk with Shelley Kramer

From startup hubs to boardrooms, many people have a hard time staying physically fit. 

The World Health Organization reports that Israel’s adult obesity surpasses 27%.¹  The problem is not unique to  Israel.  “Global progress to increase physical activity has been slow, largely due to lack of awareness and investment.  Worldwide, 1 in 4 adults, and 3 in 4 adolescents, do not currently meet the global recommendations for physical activity set by WHO.”²

Shelley Kramer (Courtesy).

Shelley Kramer of BodyPower Fitness specializes in Strength Training for Women. 

She holds certificates from the American Aerobic and Fitness Association, Method Pilates California,  Yoga Alliance USA, and the Israeli Institute of Bone Building. 

Ms. Kramer has over 30 years experience teaching fitness, including 23 years managing her own fitness studio. 

What is the purpose of Body Power Weight Training?

The purpose is to promote bone health (against Osteoporosis), build Core Strength, Joint mobility, and Flexibility.

Why is exercise important for leaders?  

Standing at the helm of our ships, are we all not leaders of one kind or another? 

Whether that position finds us at the head of our families, in the community at large, or in the workplace,  somewhere, there are others looking up, towards us. The Jewish nation is inherently called upon to lead.  This applies to women in particular.  

Embarking upon any endeavor, building a strong foundation is the first step. Standing tall, feet firmly rooted downward, eyes gazing ahead, the process begins.  

The challenges facing Jewish women today are unlike any we have ever faced before.

The challenges facing Jewish women today are unlike any we have ever faced before. We have been called up to support our families, raise our children, participate in the community as leaders and role models. We are living well into our 90’s.

Therefore our bodies must be prepared if we are to rise to those challenges.  LifeStyle choices will directly determine our efficacy. Exercise is a major component amongst those choices It only stands to reason, that we adequately prepare our bodies to go the distance.

Why do leaders need to know about fitness?

Offering information and guidance about Fitness is a wonderful gift that we can give to our followers.  On a personal level, the benefits of adding a strong Fitness program to one’s routine ensures not only improved quality of life, it ensures our credibility.

Leaders have different goals.  Some want to manage stress, build endurance for long work weeks, while others want to avoid downtime caused by sickness.  What kinds of exercises and classes are helpful for these?

Short bouts of weight bearing exercises on a regular basis are wonderful for the cardiovascular, and muscular, skeletal systems.  There are a plethora of training exercises that require the use of one’s own body for weight. What could be more convenient than that! In my studio, I focus on Body Power Training. 

Planks are wonderful weight bearing exercises. You sweat, relieve stress, build bone, and core strength. Walking for 20 minutes a day does wonders for the body. Keep it enjoyable, and realistic! 

Is there anything you would like people to know that we did not cover?

It’s very real, and it’s very serious. 

Women are at high risk for developing Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. Degenerative Bone Disease. It’s very real, and it’s very serious.  Painless osteoporosis is not detected until there is a break in the hip, femur, or rib. And when that occurs, it’s in advanced stages. There are many factors that lead to this silent killer.  Smoking, medications, genetics, menopause, to name a few. 

We have within our power to prevent the degeneration of our bones. It’s not complicated. All the information is at our fingertips. 

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