Sometimes it’s all about the journey

New century; new government; new ideas. Well, we must ever live in hope.

Anecdote: A short account of an interesting or humorous incident.

It all started out as a very cold winter’s day and that morning little Jimmy was very late for school.

He was nearly always late and his teacher wondered what might be his excuse this time. When he did finally arrive, he was asked him why he hadn’t been in class at the appointed hour. The explanation was this. He had begun his journey early enough but the icy conditions on his route soon became a problem. For every pace forward he took in the direction of the school, he found himself slipping two steps backwards in the process; hence his delayed arrival. The teacher then commented that, if that had indeed been the case, logic would dictate that he should never have made it to the classroom at all. Jimmy’s answer was that, after realising his destination was beyond reach, he simply turned around, headed back towards home and in that way he managed to complete the journey as intended.

Some circumstances demand a complete reversal of the conventional wisdom, the willingness to make use of a bad situation and fashion it to one’s own advantage.

Israelis and Palestinians have been slipping and sliding about for decades and getting no nearer a solution to their problems. If they really do have a destination in mind, perhaps they – and everyone else – need to think about ways and means other than those that have been in use up until now.

To the journey.


About the Author
Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .