Lensky or Zelensky?

He became president and a servant;

there was no precedent for such fervent.

The comedian had promised them ‘flower’;

and the people gave him power.


Rada had promised them ‘flour power’.


I loved you…  Ya vas lyubil*     * (Я вас любил)


From the African Ethiopia

to the Russian utopia.

                                                       I loved you wordlessly… hopelessly

He wanted freedom

was against serfdom.

                                                       I do not wish to cause you any pain…


So many duels; what did you learn from it        Pushkin?

Tormented, I was too jealous and too shy…


Shot through the                                       lens

by the young                                              Lensky;

Pushkin in the                                                  sky

with the poet                                              Lensky.


And the people joined Zelensky.


Give me Onegin, said the jealous man…

Give me one gin, said the drunk man…

Give us Zelensky, said the people of Ukraine…


Lensky was banned

by the Ministry of Culture;

Zelensky and Russian

had caused a real rupture.


From the origins of Eshkol, Golda, Sharansky and Jabotinsky;

a new chapter has been added with Zelensky.


(Collage style comic pun)

The poem can be read in this PDF (click here) with more fonts. Recommended.

About the Author
From London, Britain, Benjamin Kurzweil is sharing his interest in storytelling and comic pun style poems - with a Jewish twist.
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