Lessons drawn from October 7th and its aftermath

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In this piece I want to share a summary of how my views have changed on the Israeli-Arab conflict since October 7th.

The analysis changed

The conflict is not about human rights or the lack of a Palestinian state and independence. It’s about the existence of the Jewish state and the Muslims’ determination to “free Palestine, from the river to the sea”. This is their stated objective. This objective is shared by the Muslim Diaspora in the West, especially among the younger generation and threats are posed towards Jews in all countries around the globe from Muslim hoodlums and terrorists. Against this background the conflict is not an Israeli-Palestinian one, but rather a Jewish-Muslim one.

The Western Left is purely Anti-Semitic when it comes to the conflict. The Left has shown its real face now. Israel was not occupying or attacking Gaza when these genocidal atrocities happened. Still, the Western Left has rallied to sanction and boycott Israel for defending itself against genocide. The student protests and mass protests against Israel as the latter is subjected to genocidal violence, sexual violence, crimes against humanity and an incessant barrage of rockets from hostile neighbors.

The argument that many of the individual protestors and demonstrators are not Anti-Semitic per se, but are rather misguided idealists might hold, but as a whole the Western Left’s stance against Israel cannot be explained by any other factor than Anti-Semitism, ultimately. You never see protests like this for when Jews are subjected to violence or terror, or when other peoples are subjected to real atrocities around the world, whether it be in Congo or in North Korea.

Hundreds of artists protested against Israel’s participation in the song contest and the whole city of Malmö was alight for days due to Israel’s participation in it. Tens of thousands of Muslims in Malmö took to the streets to protest and threaten the song contest with violence. Police officers from other countries had to be brought in to help keep the peace.

The fact that there are mass protests against something happening in the Middle-East and not against very acute and grave problems in Swedish society, like the rampant gang violence in Swedish suburbs just shows you how warped the moral perceptions and priorities are of what’s happening in Israel, Gaza and the world.

The proposed solutions changed

I now say no to a Palestinian state in this generation and maybe for future ones as well. Creating a Palestinian state on the West Bank will only create an even more dangerous situation than on October 7th, with a greater proximity to Israeli population centers for rocket fire and incursions of terrorists.

Even if we cannot have a Palestinian state in the West Bank, I still believe we have to change the status quo there, as well as in East Jerusalem. Different proposals have been brought forward, like a Federation with Jordan or creating a kind of clan-based Palestinian localized rule. These proposals should be discussed and furthered.

The multi-cultural project in Sweden and in Western Europe has failed and large swathes of the Muslim population in Europe are attempting a take-over of these societies. They bring with them Anti-Semitism, terrorism, gang violence, misogyny, homophobia, negative views of dogs, who believe it or not are an important and integral part of Western culture. If I have to choose between having a country full of dogs or a country full of Muslims I’d rather have a country full of dogs, and that is not a racist comment but rather legitimate preference.

The values haven’t changed

I still want Israel to be a democracy, whether it’s on the West Bank or in Israel proper and by democracy I mean “a liberal democracy” with checks and balances and without all the power being concentrated in the executive body, but rather to be shared with the judicial body. That has not changed.

Israel still needs to find a solution to the situation in the West Bank. This is not to say that there should be a Palestinian state there, but the status quo is not good, neither from a security standpoint nor from a moral standpoint. I don’t think the human rights situation with regards to the status of the Arabs under Israeli control in the West Bank is acceptable and the settlement policy is nourishing this problem, exacerbating it and entrenching it.

About the Author
Tobias Goldman is a deep thinker with a passion for all things Jewish and a huge interest in the world. He wears his heart on his sleeve but his mind is always at work. After long journeys in Israel and the UK he is back in Sweden, but his heart and mind wander freely. Communicates through the written and spoken word as well as song.
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