Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Lessons from Lebanon

Fourty years ago, when Israel invaded Lebanon and were on the cusp of destroying the PLO, Israel allowed them to leave for Tunisia. There they festered, came back into power in Israel, and went on to bring intifadas etc.

Now too there is talk of allowing Hamas to escape.

Ben-Gvir has threatened to leave the government if Israel doesn’t pursue the war. However Gantz could give Netanyahu support. What would Smotrich do?

Netanyahu says that he is determined to continue fighting until Hamas is destroyed.

The situation now revolves around the hostages. As time proceeds, and more hostages are reieased, and the temporary ceasefire continues to be extended, there is pressure on Israel to agree to a permanent ceasefire.

The head of the Mosad met with the CIA head in Qatar. Are they just talking about getting more hostages out, or are they also talking about a permanent ceasefire?

A ceasefire with barbarians who promise to continue — if they live to see another day.

Fourty years ago, Israel made a big mistake allowing terrorists to escape. Everthing happens by Divine Providence. So we can’t say that if Israel had done differently, things would have been different. Once something happens, it was ‘bashert’ (Divinely ordained) to happen that way. But we can learn for the future.

Hindsight is 20/20.

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