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Let Someone Else Drive to Keep American Democracy Safe

The United States Constitution has a minimum age for running for president, but maybe it should have a maximum age as well. There is already too much ageism in this country, but most of us are not at the same mental capacity or energy level at age 80 as we were in our younger years. We find it difficult to determine the proper time to embark on a new path and complete our life’s work, and even more so for a president whose actions affect the lives of people across the free world.

President Biden became a Senator from Delaware at age 30 and served  in the Senate for 36 years improving the lives of Americans through a myriad of legislation. He utilized his wisdom and experience to become the Vice President in the Obama administration culminating in serving as our 46th President. I have read many stories about President Biden helping and listening to individuals when the cameras were off; most of the time about someone dealing with loss or illness of loved ones. He has tremendous empathy and can identify based on his own experience with personal loss.

As we have seen in the last election, and more recently in the presidential debate, there is a candidate running who did not and will not accept the results of the election if he is not the winner. This is a direct threat to our democracy. To counter this phenomena, we need our strongest team at maximum efficiency and capacity to preserve our freedom. Presidents have many advisors in all areas but must still understand and process new concepts on a daily basis. We learn throughout life, but through my own experience, it is sometimes more of a challenge to keep up with a changing environment as we age.

One debate appearance should not determine the outcome of an election or  choose a nominee, but it also should not make or break the confidence of the electorate in that candidate. The President has admitted he is not as good at debating as he used to be, but with the next debate not until September, there is too much at risk to keep going with the same driver at the wheel. President Biden has put America first for his entire career. Now he must do it again and yield to another candidate with a better chance of taking us to the finish line. If not, I doubt many Biden supporters would switch to Trump, but they might not vote at all or only vote further down the ticket which would only help former President Trump become current President Trump.

Many people within and outside of Israel have voiced their opinion that President Trump is the best American presidential candidate choice for Israel. I do not think anyone can be certain of that, based on his lack of consistency in policy and opinions. It is true that President Trump introduced the Abraham Accords but going forward diplomacy and knowledge of the facts of complex issues and history of the region are particularly important. The best candidate should demonstrate unwavering support for Israel and show consistency in  ideology, and in top advisors. He should not waver in opinions on crucial issues  based on personal mood, and perceived loyalty of public officials and their actions. Anyone who puts American democracy at risk is not good for Israel or any other democracy.

It is interesting that some of the possible Biden replacement candidates mentioned are governors. Most of them are newer governors, including Governor Moore of Maryland, Governor Shapiro of Pennsylvania, and Governor Whitmer of Michigan, but have done much better than Trump backed candidates in prior elections. They are extremely popular among their constituencies and may excite the national electorate to increase voter turnout.  In a more protracted election primary season, there are usually senators and congressmen running because they are better orators since legislators need to introduce and explain the complexities of laws and how they affect us. Governors are better administrators overseeing a larger staff and departments. Those skills are more important now as the election gets closer in order to mount a quick campaign and form a cohesive team.

A tinge of sadness usually occurs whenever we transition from one phase of life to another but also uplifting when the change is for the greater good. It will require a courageous decision on the part of the president, his family, and advisors. He has made many courageous decisions in his life. With this crucial one, President Biden would not be remembered as just the oldest president but also the most selfless president in history.

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Israel volunteer and retired pension consultant and course writer from Chicago
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