Let The Word Go Forth

Peace at any price is often way too expensive in blood and treasure. Sometimes only violence can create the proper atmosphere for resolving conflicts between peoples-especially when one side’s ultimate aim is the total extermination of its enemy. I’m not talking about the mere resolution of conflict by conquering territory or by forcing the opening of markets, but the absolute liquidation of a state and its entire population. This aim is mad, wicked and totally immoral.
Hamas’s constitution calls for the elimination of JEWS, Not just Israeli Jews, but all Jews. It states that peace cannot come until the Jews are exterminated. If its war aim was merely the conquest of territory, that is something that has appeared in history hundreds of times in hundreds of conflicts, from local wars to worldwide conflagrations. But to openly declare, like the Nazi beasts did, that your ultimate aim in victory is the physical annihilation of a people cannot ever be a partner for peace, nor a rational force on the world scene.
Unfortunately, the evil and reprehensible Holocaust denier, the president of the so-called “Palestinian Authority,” has joined claws ( yes, you read that correctly) with the savage who threw his own elected officials from the roofs of many buildings in Gaza, shot them in the kneecaps and blessedly gave some of these victims, a quick death. Just as the Hitlerite savages, on the “Night of The Long Knives,” in June, 1934, eliminated the opponents to Nazi rule and those whom they considered turncoats from within their own ranks, killing hundreds by hanging them from meat hooks with piano wire under their chins  or by firing squads.

The farcical and phony negotiations by the “Palestinian Authority” were a sham from the beginning.  Perhaps, the entire imbroglio between Fatah and Hamas was a stage show, a Potemkin village theater, designed to fool the world, and Israel, that there really was some distance between them. That one movement, Fatah, the men in the coats and ties, were different from the blood soaked hands of the keffiyah wearing Hamas savages.The fact that an extremely and obscenely pressured Israeli government even gave the slightest effort to ameliorate the hungry beasts on the other side of the table, is a testament to their honest, yet foolhardy, attempt to reach a concordat that would assuage some of the more incompetent dreamers and sycophants on both sides that there was any possibility of progress.
The American administration, to its astonishment, (HA!) is appalled at the intransigence of its PLO partner. After pumping the “PA” with hundreds of millions of tax dollars stolen from the pockets of American citizens, to prop up a regime that is responsible for the deaths of US citizens, that has taken advantage of the “generosity” of the American Congress in order to pay salaries and bonuses of up to $25,000 to the killers of women and children, and supplied them with monthly pensions of $4000.00 for their “heroism,” must gladden the hearts of Islamist terrorists everywhere. How many hardworking American families take home $4,000.00 TAX FREE every month-and they don’t murder anyone!

What about the feckless and cowardly Europeans? The European Union has, to this day, been unable to account for the BILLIONS of Euros it has handed over the gangsters of Ramallah. Oh, sorry, I suppose some Europeans know where that money has gone, especially the Swiss.
And the naivete of the Israeli government, handing over millions of shekels every month for the salaries of the “Palestinian Security” services, while their masters owe millions of shekels of debt to the Israel Electric Company. If I don’t pay my electric bill, they turn off my power, Doesn’t that usually happen to anyone who hasn’t paid their bill?

The end result is quite evident-the “Palestinians” don’t want peace, they don’t want a state that would burden them with the behavior associated with free nations, they don’t want the responsibility for supplying the needs of their people, and they don’t want to accept any Jewish sovereignty anywhere in the Middle East which they consider their “Caliphate.”
They want to continue the conflict through terror, welfare fraud, obfuscation and endless debate that, they hope, will lead to the world telling Israel that it has to surrender and give it all up for the sake of peace.
What the terrorists want and what the world has always wanted is dead Jews. The only peace they are willing to endow upon us is the peace of the grave. Even then, they would probably deny us the earth to get buried in.
Israel is not willing to commit suicide for any price, nor for any one. We have made mistakes in judgement, we have been optimistic for better days, because we treasure life and we believe in freedom. We have seen, less than a century ago, one third of our brothers, sisters, parents and children be slaughtered. We have taken a pledge, a pledge made over 2000 years ago, that we would return to our land for eternity. That we would raise the Star of David over his capital, never to be lowered again. Our families have paid the price for this is tens of thousands of lives in 4 major wars and countless operations and terrorist atrocities.
We are tired of bloodshed, but our enemies must know, as well as our “friends” that we will never tire in the defense of our homeland.
To paraphrase a great American president of a little more than a half century ago,
“Let the word go forth, from this time and place, that we will bear any burden, defend any friend, oppose any foe, in the defense of liberty.”
Those words were spoken by the late president of the United States at his inaugural speech in January, 1961, John F. Kennedy.
How times have changed in Washington, DC.
Those words are not hollow, and we hear them in our capital, Jerusalem, DC-Jerusalem, David’s Capital. It shall always be so.

Shabbat Shalom from Ma’aleh Adumim in liberated Israeli Yehudah, guarding the eastern approaches to Jerusalem, the eternal, united and indivisible capital of the Jewish people.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.