Letter to an Anti-Israel Protester

Dear Anti-Israel Protester,

I don’t know whether to laugh hysterically or bang my head against the wall when I see you holding a sign that says, “We are Hamas.” Really? I mean, really!?!

In essence, your sign could just as easily read, “We are terrorists.” How could you, who I’m sure is an otherwise intelligent person, be so duped as to align yourself with terrorists?

Have you flown anywhere this summer? Because if your summer travels included flying, does irony not hit you smack dab in the face every time you go through airport security? For instance, when you have to take off your shoes or have a full-body scan, do you ever think to yourself, “I’m having to do this because of terrorist. And Hamas are terrorists. And I support Hamas. So what in the hell was I thinking?” I doubt it.

Stupid is as stupid does. Yet as stupid as you have been, I still have hope for you, so I’m going to offer you some help. I’m going to simplify history for you and help you come to the other side. Which is the side of rational, common sense logic. It’s a really nice place to be. And all it takes is a little review of history to get you there.

A few decades ago, the Jews were offered statehood. This offer of statehood is what eventually led to you standing at an airport, minding your own business on a summer vacation, having to take off your shoes before boarding a plane. No really. Just keep reading and I’ll help you connect the dots. Airport security regulations – terrorists – you holding a stupid sign – Israel.  It’s all connected.

After the Ottoman Empire was defeated in WWI, the Allies divided up its spoils. England got Palestine and eventually divided the land between Jews and Arabs, though the Brits still ruled. The land was “equally” divided, giving the Palestinian Jews 23% and the Palestinian Arabs 77%. And yes, please take note of my particular usage for the word “Palestinian.”  Arabs not only started hijacking planes, they hijacked the word “Palestinian” to fit their new narrative. Before the new narrative, “Palestinian” referred to both Jews and Arabs who lived in Palestine. It denoted people of a particular geographic region; never an ethnic race. Yes, mentally highlight that sentence. It’s very important.

Still following along? Good. When the Brits and the United Nations finally offered self-rule and statehood to the Arabs and Jews in Palestine, the Jews basically said, “Yes! We want to be our own nation!” The Arabs basically said, “Hell no! We don’t want the Jews to have their own nation!”

Please chew on this fact for a long, long time until you can swallow and digest it.   The desire of Arabs for Jews not to have a country was stronger than their desire for Palestinian Arabs to have their own country. From the get go, Arabs chose to concentrate their efforts and use their resources to kill Jews, instead of building up better lives for Palestinian Arabs.

But facts like that tend to get in the way of the made-up “Palestinian narrative.” Arabs who turned down statehood made up the narrative that every problem Palestinian Arabs had was due to one thing and one thing only: the existence of a Jewish state. This, despite the fact that Arabs chose to turn down their own real state to live in, and instead chose the sad and pathetic state of perpetual victimhood. “Got problems? Blame the Jews!” became the new slogan for Arab leaders who used Palestinian Arabs as pawns in their quest to kill Jews and get rich doing it by putting foreign aid into their own bank accounts.  Over 1000 Hamas leaders are millionaires.

Arabs throughout the Middle East could not stand the notion of a Jewish state. So, instead of helping their own brothers, the Palestinian Arabs build up a new country, five Arab nations turned their attention and resources towards attacking Israel the moment she became a nation in 1948. Epic fail. The Arabs lost.

Arabs repeated their attempt to destroy Israel again in 1967. Epic fail again. The Arabs lost.

Arabs, slow to learn a lesson, tried again to destroy Israel in 1973. You guessed it. They failed again. Every time the Arabs attacked Israel, they lost.

Though most Arabs, sadly, did not learn to quit hating the Jews, they did learn one very important lesson; they could not destroy Israel via conventional warfare. So they employed a new tactic. And this brings us back to you, at the airport, taking off your shoes, and going through a full-body screening. For the love of everything good and holy, please remember why you are required to do this. Because of terrorism. Which brings us back to Israel. Modern-day terrorism was employed to destroy Israel since conventional warfare did not work.

Israel still exists. And millions of Arabs hate that fact. Hate it with every fiber of their being. So they resort to terrorism to try to destroy Israel. Which has now spilled over into trying to destroy countries that support Israel and/or support Western ideology.

Am I helping you connect the dots? People like you, kind of, at least for a little while, started paying attention to terrorism on 9/11. But then political correctness lulled you back to sleep. But before you went back to sleep you were spoonfed the idea that to oppose terrorism committed by Muslims would give you a big, bad case of Islamaphobia. And nothing in the world, you were told, is as bad as being an Islamaphobe.

Then one day, something awakened you again from your slumber. It was the sound of Israel defending itself against terrorists. And without thinking, (because if you had thought for even one second there is no way you would have shown up at an anti-Israel rally) you morphed into an anti-Semitic-anti-Israel-Hamas-supporter. You found red, black, and green paint to match your red, black and green scarves, to match your stupid sign, and showed up at a rally to identify yourself with Hamas.

And there you stood – miles away from Israel, not giving a damn that Israel was fighting for her survival against terrorism – proudly being a mouthpiece for terrorists. Just as the KGB, communists in Romania, and communists in North Vietnam predicted you would become. They are the ones who told Arafat, the father of modern terrorism, to change the narrative of wanting to destroy Israel, to a poor, pitiful “Palestinian” humanitarian crisis and then he would have the world eating out of terrorists’ hands. Hence, you and your stupid sign.

Every time Israel tries to defend herself against terrorists, who exist to destroy Israel, the world, including you, cries, “Not fair!” along with the ridiculous calls for “Restraint!” and “Proportional response!”

Yet, if God forbid, a terrorist’s bomb happened to go off where you live, your calls for restraint would change in world record time. You would expect your leaders to do everything they could to allow you to live in peace and safety. That’s called being a hypocrite.

Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah, and so many other evil entities, known as terrorist organizations, were founded to destroy Israel. But don’t fool yourself for one second thinking that the terrorists’ hateful lust for blood would be satiated, if God forbid, Israel was actually destroyed. Guess who would be next? You. The infidel stupid enough to hold up a sign saying, “We are Hamas.” Yes, I am embarrassed for you.

All the infidels, which boils down to everyone who is not a Muslim and even Muslims who don’t share a hatred for the Jews and non-Jews, would be the terrorists’ next target. Don’t believe me? Then read Hamas’ charter. Yes, it has big words, but if you try really hard, I think you will get the gist of it.

Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, gays, women, and children are being hacked to death and burned to death across the world by Muslims. As Salman Rushdie said years ago about the Muslims, their identities were born in their rage. And that rage has been pacified and stroked by political correctness, instead of being stamped out. But you don’t have time to be concerned about that do you? You’re too busy with your own smug rage against Israel.

If you and the rest of the “infidel” world understood what Israel was fighting for and fighting against, then you would drop everything and fall to your knees and pray for Israel to win. Sound dramatic? That’s because it is.

Israel is fighting, not for just their survival, but for the world’s survival. Yet arrogance and ignorance has led you to curse Israel for fighting at all.

In a world gone mad, Israel is at fault because it has the audacity to exist. To survive. To thrive. To defend. To employ superior tactics. To defeat evil. To win.

Yet, stupid people like you, cheer for the terrorists to win, not comprehending the fact, that if God forbid they do win, they are coming for you next. And no, your “We are Hamas” poster will not save you. If anything, it will give the terrorists a chuckle before they try to kill you.


One Who Took the Time to Read History


About the Author
Camie Davis is a non-Jewish writer and advocate for Israel.