Lieberman’s Absurdity

There are few days remained for the upcoming elections and the political debates amongst the leaders have been heated up as normal. Notably, political leaders started positioning themselves back to their own political standpoints/origins in contrast with their works or speeches when they were in power. This is the way of consolidating own political masses when the general elections get closer as Lieberman has done in practice.

Let me offer a snapshot. After the dissolution of Likud-Beytenu pact under the foggy atmosphere of summer’s Gaza war, Lieberman predicted that he would gain more points due to the postponed ground war. Lieberman had opposed to Netanyahu in many issues after this outbreak, stayed distant to Likud’s discourse and became lonelier. Later on, Lieberman found all his own political career at risk after the publicly outbreak of corruption scandals in the ministries which were run by his own party members. Several polls showed that Yisrail Beytenu hit the bottom after these cases publicized and discussed intensely. After all, in any case of Lieberman’s “relative victory” on March 17, there is almost no potential coalition partner for him.

Under these circumstances, Lieberman has withdrew to his party’s own political standpoints and put forward his radical-nationalist tone. In a speech, he stated that Arab Israelis whoever been disloyal to the state of Israel, literally “wave black flags during the Naqba day”, deserved of being decapitated with an ax. Like a Daesh man, Lieberman offers the way of beheading as a legal execution to the flag wavers.


This effort was definitely performed for consolidating radical-nationalist voter bloc. Extremely likely, this absurdity merely helps Lieberman to stay out of the next government instead of being part of it.

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