Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


There’s a video of the Dali container ship taking down the bridge in Baltimore yesterday.

Right before the bridge collapsed, a number of vehicles made it through. Then there seems to be no more vehicles going. (Reportedly, when the ship lost power, the crew contacted authorities who immediately blocked traffic from going on the bridge.) There are some lights on the bridge, probably coming from workers repairing potholes. The ship hits the bridge, and maybe a minute later the bridge suddenly collapses.

The world seems scary. A person can be nonchalantly walking along, and the next second everything can turn upside down. In an instant.

October 7 seems that way. One instant, and the world changed.

The Dali was headed towards causing a calamity – but someone on the ship had the foresight, the presence of mind, and the sense of responsibility to alert authorities, saving lives.

Everything happens by Divine providence. I remember once hearing from someone who had lived through World War II, that every bullet had an address. A ship toppling a bridge, terrorists attacking people, and everything else that happens in this world, is conducted and controlled by G-d.

It seems scary. How can we navigate such an unpredictable landscape? How can we live our lives calmly, when things seem so scary?

Actually, we have a G-d given faculty which enables us to live our lives calmly, confidently, and with peace of mind. It’s called trust.

We have the ability to trust in G-d. If tragedy happens, then we believe that ultimately G-d does everything for our ultimate benefit, even if we don’t understand how. We believe that one day we will understand and appreciate it. But as far as the future goes, we trust in G-d that He will do good things for us, in a way that we can readily appreciate the good.

Together with belief and trust in G-d, we are each moment of life as on a stage, able to make choices to make things better. Even in the midst of an impending disaster where a bridge is going to imminently collapse, a crew member can alert authorities. Even when October 7 happens, a nation can unite and destroy evil, thus saving all humanity. Even when the whole world screams that it’s wrong to eradicate the evil, we can make the choice to do so, and thus to teach the world morality.

And as we continue to do what G-d wants, we can strengthen our belief and trust that He will watch over us, and that very soon, He will redeem us with Moshiach.

May it happen very soon.

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