Life in a bubble

We live in a bubble

Of our own making;

A circus with high-wire acts,

With jugglers and clowns,

And elephants and lions.

Everyone is in a separate reality,

Based on a specific credo,

Speaking a different language,

Full of vanity and ego,

With distortion upon distortion,

In a kaleidoscope of changes,

With myriad shapes and colors,

Dazzling our senses

Time and time again;

Until it fades away,

Like a cloud in the wind.

About the Author
B. G. Yacobi received his PhD in physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1975. He held research positions at Imperial College London and Harvard University, as well as teaching positions in universities in the United States and Canada. He is the author/co-author of numerous articles and several books on physics, and of a number of essays on philosophy.
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