“Life is Beautiful” (החיים יפים), Dan Groover and Mordeli’s outdoor exhibition at the Old Train Station in Jerusalem

There is spring in the air, like a taste of freedom over the country, the time of the new man. From exile to deliverance, it’s Pesach time! It’s the time of now and the time of hope. “Life is beautiful” (“החיים יפים “) is the song of victory, the song of crossing the Red Sea with one destination in mind, Eretz Israel.


Between Chol HaMoed Pesach and Yom HaAtzmaut, the Israeli Pop Art artist Dan Groover chose to flood with colors and art forms the entire space of the old bus station in Jerusalem; three weeks of celebration for the largest outdoor exhibition of the Israeli capital. Works representing the station, then connecting the beautiful Jerusalem to the young Tel Aviv, in scenes depicting the last century, stories of the exodus and the arrival, including a colorful cast of characters that made a dream come true – a contemporary Haggada recorded in a narrative that begun more than 2000 years ago. Dan Groover, joined by his friend Mordeli, will exhibit his stone and metal sculptures in an approach rooted in the materials and ambiences coming from the land – a modern pioneer with his resolute and contemporary thought. Singular stones in unusual shapes are leaving the hills of Ofra and join the rails of the Tachana in sharing with the visitors their story-filled forms.


For the entire duration of the exhibition and until the end of the year, the new Art’Drenaline Work Shop opens its gates at the entrance to the Tachana (next to Derech Beit-lechem and Emek Refaim), offering to the public original creations at attractive prices (also available online at www.israelmodernart.com) and thus creating a direct link between visitors and the artists of the local and national stage.


The First Station Jerusalem
David Remez 4
Bus: 71 – 72 – 74 – 75 – 34
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